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The Urchin Hove – shellfish and craft beer

Friendly and welcoming Hove pub, serving some of the best seafood and craft beer in town.

The Urchin Hove

The Urchin Hove is a gem of a Freehouse. You can find it on Belfast Street, nestled away from the high street in the heart of Hove. Being only a ten-minute walk from Hove station it’s a choice location for socials and family gatherings. If it’s a friendly, warm and welcoming environment you’re after, then stick The Urchin at the top of your venue bucket list. The team there are certainly some of the friendliest in town!

The spirit of the dockyard lives on

The Urchin has proclaimed that they are “keeping the spirit of the dockyard alive” and it only takes a glance at their menu to see what they mean. If you’re craving the fruits of the ocean then look no further. Here you will find shellfish aplenty. The Urchin serves up the freshest mussels, clams, scallops, lobster and prawns all sourced from their aptly named local suppliers, Fish Galore.

Oysters at The Urchin Pub, Hove

Traditional pairings at The Urchin Hove

Many people are familiar with the marriage of oysters and champagne. However, The Urchin is anchored by their passion for more traditional pairings. They recommend that the succulent shellfish are knocked back with a jug of ale or chocolaty stout. Wine lovers don’t fear, they haven’t forgotten about you. The Urchin’s wine list has been curated to harmonise with their sensational shellfish servings.

Larrikin at The Urchin

It’s true to say that our fair city boasts a plethora of fantastic public houses. However, not many of them can say that they brew their own beer. The Urchin’s co-owner Nick has long been passionate about beer and his enthusiasm and knowledge is evident by the expertly installed microbrewery in this Hove pub. Their Australian dubbed signature brew, Larrikin can be found amongst their selection of local and special beers.


Something for everyone

While The Urchin doesn’t pitch itself as a vegetarian or vegan venue (it really is about shellfish and ale), there is always an option which means, as a destination, they’re not out of the picture if one of your party is the plant-only kind. And don’t think your plant-eater pal will be fobbed off with something that is an afterthought, veggie specials include banana blossom and pakora tacos and miso grilled aubergine with honey, just as an example.

seafood dish

Seaside relic

The Urchin pub can be traced back to 1873 and was formerly known as The Bell and The Belfast Tavern. It’s fair to say that this venue is a true seaside town relic. Dining here among its stripped wood and shipyard interiors, sea feast menu and old boy ales brings home the authenticity of the venue and its location.

Breaking traditions

Let’s face it the classic roast was made for Sundays. But what happens when you don’t fancy that traditional roast potato or the thought of another salty gravy sends your stomach into knots? The Urchin pub has the antidote and it comes in the form of a traditional Spanish favourite, the paella. Paella Sundays could be paving the way to a new era of Sunday lunches.

three seafood dishes on the table


  1. vincent

    Best everything, from the Moules Mariniere to the Scallops the Oysters and the French fries, and on top of it, best service ever !
    Congratulations !

  2. Elle Bolland

    Been here countless times and it never disappoints. There’s a really lovely neighbourhood feel to The Urchin while it’s tucked away in Hove!

  3. Beth Dillon

    Everything about my meal at The Urchin was perfect. Light and fresh and washed down with a local craft beer. What more could I have asked for?!

  4. Andy Hopewell

    Mouthwatering food with incredible beers. Sophistication In Hove, all centred around shellfish dishes

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