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Oeuf Cafe, Hove

Discover the art of brunch at Oeuf Cafe in Hove, where award-winning flavours and a cosy atmosphere await your visit. Experience culinary excellence like never before.

Welcome to Oeuf Café Hove

Oeuf Café Hove is located on Third Avenue, not far from Brighton Town Hall and a short distance from the Brighton seafront. The wide residential street is populated with a few hotels and it is on the ground floor of one of these that Oeuf café makes its home. 

exterior shot of the Oeuf cafe. Light green entrance door decorated with lovely colourful flowers.

You know you’re in for a unique experience as soon as you approach Oeuf Café Hove. You enter by ascending the black and white tiled front terrace, passing through the duck egg green double front door to be received by the maître d’. Marble pillars, high ceilings and Parisian pastel tones instantly set the mood for a decadent affair. 

bar area at Oeuf cafe Hove

In addition to the main dining area and front terrace, Oeuf has a bar area, if you just want coffee or a cocktail. An off the beaten track secret garden with big trees, roses and quaint tables to eat your breakfast or sip on a cocktail or coffee. 

over head shot of the light green table and chairs in the Oeuf garden in Hove. Delicious breakfast dishes served with drinks

Brunch for your whole bunch 

The extensive brunch menu offers something for everyone. Naturally, as the name would imply there’s an extensive list of ways to have your eggs, Oeuf and Surf, Oeuf Benedict, Scrambled Oeuf (an oeuf offering for everyone). When you eat those eggs, you’ll be eating Cacklebean Farm eggs, considered the best free-range rare breed eggs available! But we’ll let those rich, golden yolks do the talking. 

side shot of the white marble table at the Oeuf populated with various brunch dishes, from egg on toast to delicious pancakes served with juice and cocktails

There’s a dedicated children’s menu with mini Full English and classic Dippy Eggs and Soldiers (made with those superior Cacklebean eggs), as well as many other egg-based, kid approved dishes.

delicious looking American pancakes with cream and blueberries on the top served on the pink plate at the Oeuf cafe

Additionally, there are smaller breakfast options at Oeuf Hove, such as a seasonally flavoured porridge, berry compote or simply locally baked sourdough with a choice of toppings. Seasonal specials give you at least a small handful of excuses to return before the menu changes. 

close shot of the waffle dish with fried chicken and egg served on the beige plate at the Oeuf cafe

Seasonals, specials and pop-ups – Oeuf Hove

The menu at this restaurant in Hove changes seasonally to reflect what’s available and what we’re in the mood for. Think pumpkin spices and comfort food in the autumn and winter and fresh zingy flavours to match the summer. Additionally, there’s a weekly special that runs Friday – Friday, so there’s always plenty of reason to return.

over head shot of the marble table populated with four Oeuf dishes at the Oeuf Cafe in Brighton

You can also expect seasonal themes and events. Think Halloween themes and Christmas wonderland!

Oeuf Hove also team up with locals to do pop-ups, these will always be something where the theme and ethos of Ouef and the pop-up make for an interesting match, and they’ll quite often be in aid of a good cause. Stay up to date with their activities by following Oeuf Café on Instagram.

Review: The Lifechanging Power of Frumpets

secret garden spot at the Oeuf, two light green chars and table laid out with brunch

Not into oeuf?

Vegetarians and vegans get some seriously good breakfast options that reach deep into plant-based creativity. The plant Full English really goes the distance with sausage, vegan black pudding, mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, beans and excellent scrambled tofu with Brighton made ‘Fu Fighters Burmese tofu (it’s made with chickpeas, not soy). Four-legged friends even get to enjoy a little homemade biscuit courtesy of the Oeuf team. 

english benedict at Oeuf cafe Hove

Eagle-eyed readers will have picked up a strong presence of local produce in the menu and this is really the yolk of the Oeuf values. The coffee you’ll be sipping here is from White Cloud, which is just a short cycle away from the cafe. If tea is more your cup of tea, that’s local too, from Hoogly Tea in Brighton.

squeezing lemon juice on the dish

Brunch and beyond at Oeuf cafe Hove

Open daily until 4pm Oeuf café is a destination spot for breakfast, brunch, cocktails and floristry(!) The mimosa selection is angled at early drinking, so on the lighter, longer and more fruity side. But they’re not afraid of a margarita or two either (did someone say breakfast martini?) 

frumpets served on the white plate, person cutting it

As you’re leaving, filled with the joys of a good company a stack of Frumpets (French bread battered crumpets) and maybe a Good Time Gimlet or a Fizzy Ellie or two, why not pick up a bunch of beautiful flowers from the resident florist, Linden Tree Flowers. Because you’ll definitely be leaving with that feeling that everything’s coming up roses. Have a read of one of our recent blogs by Stella called the Oeuf Experience.


  1. Amelia

    Great food & yummy vegan options, friendly, helpful staff and lovely atmosphere, we loved it & will be back soon.

  2. Layssette Iznaga

    Delicious food amazing place to eat.

  3. jason riahi

    Super food, my favourite place in Hove

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