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Market Restaurant Review – Brunch

A Wonderful Brighton Gem!

Once again Saturday morning brunch options are a major decision of the weekend for Lucy and I. Recently moving from Hove to Brighton it seemed fitting to visit one of our favourite haunts and do a Market restaurant review; the sun is shining and the walk will help build up that appetite. Having only tried the wonderful evening menus we are very excited to see Market’s take on the classic brunch options.

Market Restaurant and Bar - Market Restaurant Review

Alfresco Tables

I love arriving at this restaurant with the fake grass outside and tables to eat al fresco, though a little cold today for this. Inside, the place is so inviting with large windows to let in the day light across the large bar. Normally I would sit at the bar for a chat with the staff, but today we are taking photos for the review and the lighting by the windows is fantastic.

Market Bar (1)

Friendly Staff

The staff are as always immaculately dressed and greet us in their natural friendly way. We are instantly served cold water as we choose our drinks and we are given a run down on their favourite brunch items. The kitchen staff pop out to say hello not to just Lucy and I, but the other patrons, suggesting options, seeing if everything is OK and just being polite and friendly. For this reason alone they are one of the best restaurants in the area!

Market Menu

Great Menu Selection – Market Restaurant Review

The menu offers a great selection of items you would expect, from the veggie and full Market breakfast, the selection of Benedict’s and a personal favourite that I will be going back to try here, the Eggs Arnold Bennett.

Sipping my black Americano and Lucy hers with milk, we have made the decision. Lucy loves the reviews as I am not normally one for sharing but on these occasions I want to try everything. We want to see Market’s take on the classic English fry up so order the Market big breakfast. On suggestion of the waiter we also go for the spicier option of the Spicy Benny, a Spanish take on the Eggs Benedict.

Coffee At Market

Excited To Try The Brunch

We are hungry, excited and deciding what we will eat on our next visit on a free evening. I would suggest to anyone with a spare moment just pop in for a quick oyster if you walk that way, they are delightful!

After a short wait the food is being brought out to the table and it looks amazing, much like the décor of the restaurant, the food also delivers the same touch of class.

Market Breakfast

Mouth Watering Appearance

The Market breakfast looks mouth-watering; it can be hard to make a great presentation out of a breakfast but they have pulled this off. Wonderful sourdough toast with a delightful crushed potato mash resting on top, a great alternative to the bland a dry hash brown featuring on so many cafe breakfasts. The sausage and bacon like all of their produce is locally sourced and you can just taste the quality.

I am a massive fan of all pork related produce and arguably they are serving some of the best around; the saltiness of the bacon against the runny yolk of the fried egg with a lump of the potato is an absolute taste sensation.

Market Breakfast Close Up

Served with a disc of black pudding and a juicy flat mushroom, the black pudding is crisp on the outside and soft through the centre, quality produce much nicer than the shop variety. The mushroom looks great on the plate and oozes with flavour. Not only a beautiful looking breakfast but the taste matches the presentation, the Market take on this classic doesn’t match a standard breakfast, they elevate this to brand new heights. Well done!

Spicy Spanish Benny aerial shot at Market

Unique And Different

The Spicy Benny is something different and unique which is always lovely to see. Yes, you have a beautiful rich hollandaise sauce with perfectly poached eggs, that as you touch them with the knife they explode in an avalanche of runny yolk down the side of their homemade muffins. With a perfect crunch to the edge of the muffin and a springy, light centre; of course this is what you would expect from such a great establishment.

Spicy Spanish Benny at Market Close up

But it is the changes that I love on this dish, the replacement of chorizo instead of the ham gives a little spice and the juice almost reddish on the plate flowing with the yellow of the hollandaise adds a bit of drama to the dish. The real highlight for me is the addition of sweet red and yellow peppers that offset the richness so well, finally adding a chilli to the dish for an added bit of warmth creates an unusual but dare I say perfect alternative to a classic breakfast. If you are looking for something a little richer then this will definitely be for you!

Market restaurant and Bar, Hove, Western Road

Laid Back Approach To High End Food

As we enjoy our breakfasts and swap plates to try a little of each we order another coffee and enjoy the laid back Market approach to high end food.

What a restaurant; Market really does stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Book a table soon…the restaurant is going from strength to strength and you do not want to miss out on this wonderful Brighton gem.

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