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How to Fillet a Sea Bass – Market Restaurant

How to fillet a sea bass

We all know how delicious a locally caught sea bass can be, best served simply with fresh vegetables and some buttery new potatoes; this is a brilliant midweek fuss-free dinner.

Head chef Taylor at Market Restaurant in Hove is here to take you through the process, to make it even easier for you, by explaining and showing you how to fillet a sea bass effectively.

Step by step guide on how to fillet a sea bass

  1. Wash and gut your fish (the fishmonger may well do this for you if you ask)
  2. Using a sharp knife, make an insition behind the fins of the fish and up towards the head on either side
  3. Follow the knife down towards the tail, sticking to the bones on the spine of the fish
  4. Prize the meat away from the bone

Market Restaurant

Market Restaurant in Hove

Market Restaurant in Hove is a modern tapas restaurant on Brighton’s busy Western Road. The menu here offers varied, innovative and unique dishes under easy to navigate headers such as ‘greengrocer’, ‘butcher’ and ‘fishmonger’. Diners can also choose from ‘para picar’, which includes dishes such as their famous Padron Peppers and goats cheese churros.

Market Restaurant is buzzing from Monday-Sunday, with offers running daily which are worth checking out if you are passing by.

Do you think you know how to fillet a sea bass, why not give it a try?

Market Restaurant Hove. how to fillet a sea bass

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