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Embers Brighton

Located in the heart of Brighton’s Lanes, Embers specialises in wood-fired cooking, offering an array of sharing dishes complemented by innovative cocktails. Founded by longtime friends and culinary experts Dave and Isaac, Embers blends the simplicity of medieval wood-fired techniques with a modern, accessible dining experience.

Why you’ll love Embers Brighton:

Tucked away in the heart of Brighton’s famous Lanes, Embers is a relatively new contemporary bistro that brings a fresh and exciting dining experience to the city. The ethos here is all about wood-fired eating and sharing dishes with friends, combined with amazing cocktails. Embers’ menu is a delightful mix of playful yet thoughtfully-crafted small plates and larger centrepiece dishes, all cooked over an open wood fire.

Expect big, bold, smoky flavours that elevate every dish, from charred broccoli to venison rump and whole sea bass.

over head shot of the sharing plates at Embers Brighton

Dave and Isaac, the masterminds behind Embers, have known each other for 15 years, with Dave being Isaac’s first mentor in the kitchen. Their dream of opening a restaurant together has finally come true. Both having a fine dining background, they decided to make Embers a more accessible place, one where they would love to go on their days off.

The simplicity and quality of seasonal ingredients are at the heart of their menu, delivering punchy yet contrasting flavour combinations and it is no surprise they are already included in the Brighton Michelin guide.

over head shot of the sharing plates at Embers Brighton

Fire-centred menu

The dining experience at Embers is centered around a medieval-style fire cage in the middle of the room, where guests can watch the chefs in action. This setup not only enhances the flavours but also adds a theatrical element to the dining experience. The friendly service and lively atmosphere make Embers the ultimate destination for an unforgettable meal, whether you’re catching up with old friends, celebrating something special, or just enjoying a night out.

Embers welcomes group bookings, accommodating up to 18 people at one table, and offers the option of exclusive restaurant hire for larger parties. With freshly prepared food cooked over the open fire and an in-house mixologist crafting unique cocktails, every meal is a celebration.

Embers is the go-to spot for an innovative, fire-centred menu and a vibrant dining experience that embodies “Fire & Friendship.”

RB loves the theatre associated with the open fire cooking at Embers Brighton. Taking a seat at the counter opposite head chef Dave is a joy to behold, set against a backdrop of industrial chic that feels like something out of Mad Max. Watching the team cook using this medieval technique arguably offers the best dining spot in the city. Sitting opposite the fire not only provides a prime view of the mixologist at work but also lets you see what’s being cooked first hand, encouraging you to choose more dishes and enjoy friendly conversations with their team.

shot of the bartender preparing drink at the bar of the Embers Brighton restaurant

The Essentials

  • Sharing small plates

The small plates menu at Embers offers a range of playful yet thoughtfully crafted creations. Dishes are served sharing-style, arriving at the table as soon as they’re ready. Sample dishes include Cured Sea Trout, Barbequed 1/4 Chicken, Flamed Beef Heart, Hand Dived Scallop, and Woodfired Asparagus. Each dish is designed to showcase the smoky flavours and unique character imparted by the open fire, making every meal a delight as you journey among different dishes and cooking techniques.

  • Centrepiece dishes

Another great option at Embers is their Centrepiece Dishes, perfect for sharing or enjoying solo. Examples include Smoked Lamb Rump with Salsa Verde, Feta, and Smoked Peas, Hake with Pil Pil and Prawn Butter, and Cauliflower with Kimchi Barbeque Sauce, Spring Onion & Miso Emulsion, and Smoked Hummus. These dishes highlight the bold, smoky flavours created by their open fire cooking, offering a memorable and communal dining experience.

  • Sunday roasts

Embers offers an incredibly well-dressed Sunday roast menu, making it a standout concept with the theatre and flavours from their open fire kitchen. You can enjoy wood-fired sharing platters or keep it all to yourself. Sample Sunday dishes include Ember Roasted Pork Loin, Sussex Beef Rump, Smoked Whole Chicken, Ember Baked Onion, and the Three Beast Feast. Accompaniments include Skillet Roasted Potatoes, Cauliflower Cheese Purée, Roasted Carrot, Charred Broccoli, Hispi Cabbage, and Sage & Onion Crumb. Get yourself to Embers for a memorable Sunday session soon!

  • Innovative cocktails

Embers boasts a talented team of cocktail bartenders who can craft a wonderful variety of cocktails to order. In-house specials include El Fuego, a mix of rum, passionfruit, and pineapple, the Embers Old Fashioned featuring Embers Rum and bitters, and the Cadillac Jo’ Margarita with mezcal, chilli, and lime. These expertly made cocktails perfectly complement the bold, smoky flavours of the wood-fired dishes, making Embers an ideal spot for both dining and drinking.

Community and Sustainability

Dave and Isaac source local Sussex suppliers whenever possible, and one of their most crucial partners is Mark Salanson. Based in Hassocks, Mark operates a lumber yard and supplies the logs that cook all the food, warm the plates, and heat the venue. An old-school perfectionist, Mark uses only ash and beech, kiln-drying them on-site before bringing them to Brighton. This meticulous process takes around 4 to 7 days, depending on the weather, and Mark ensures that no log leaves his yard until its moisture content is perfect.


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