English’s Restaurant  – Fresh Seafood Since 1850

30 East Street, Brighton has played host to oyster and seafood lovers for centuries, with Edward Bestwick being the first fishmonger to set up shop in 1850. As the decades coasted by, George Webber, Thomas Beall, George Boother and a mysterious ‘J’ Humphreys each took it in turns to sell fresh fish from the site, before it lay vacant in 1876.

English's is 70, fish restaurant, Brighton, seafood restaurant

From Fishmonger To Oyster Store

In 1877 it was the turn of the humble oyster to take the spotlight, as George Spencer turned the building into an oyster store, before handing over the reins to George West. Finally, in 1880 we see the beginnings of what was to become English’s, when the Brazier Brothers opened Brighton’s first oyster bar. A W English became their manager in 1893, and so begins the life of the restaurant as we now know it. In 1910 the oyster bar officially became known as English’s, and in 1945 the Leigh-Jones family bought the restaurant and have been serving the finest oysters and seafood ever since.

This year happily marks the Leigh-Jones’ 70th anniversary at English’s.

Over the years 31 East Street has played host to an array of local businesses, from G Brigden, the first to trade in 1845 as a tailor, to F Chandler, a poultry dealer and the last to trade on the site. In 1920 A W English (yes, the very same) turned number 31 into an oyster store, and when the Leigh-Jones family took the reins in 1945 it became an extension of the restaurant, which remains the same today, and we share the site with Cath Kidston.

English's is 70, fish restaurant, Brighton, seafood restaurant

Special 70th Anniversary Menu

To commemorate the history of both our place on East Street and the Leigh-Jones family, Head Chef Clayton Green has created a very special 70th Anniversary Menu. Inspired by menus past and present, you’ll find dishes that have been served across the past 70 years, many of which have stood the test of time and are still served today. Others are a gentle nod to our history, and all have been firm favourites with our customers. The six-course menu boasts fresh oysters, lobster, smoked salmon and pavlova, and diners will also enjoy a complimentary drink with their meal, the English’s Classic Cocktail, first served in the ‘60s.

English's is 70, fish restaurant, Brighton, seafood restaurant

Thank You For Being Loyal

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal customers, who have supported us over the past 70 years. Please join us in celebrating with Simon and his family by sharing your favourite memories of English’s on social media, using the hashtag #LoveEnglishs. We’ve received wonderful stories and photographs from customers, including wedding receptions, favourite dishes and fond memories of birthdays and anniversaries celebrated at English’s, making this year even more special for us.

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