Planet India Brighton

A welcoming, family-run, pure veg, Indian restaurant based in Brighton. Vibrant and eclectic decor compliment the bright and flavoursome Gujarati influenced dishes. Expect a laidback atmosphere and generous portions.
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Planet India Brighton – Vegetarian Indian Cuisine

Among Brighton’s numerous restaurants, there are some that have a dedicated following. One such restaurant is Planet India Brighton. This Gujarati influenced Indian restaurant has long been a favourite in the city. With its bright pink exterior and ecclectic and informal interior, it is a very laid-back place to dine.

Planet India Brighton

Planet India is also famous for its menu of vegetarian dishes. Their focus on vegetarian dishes is representative of the owner’s cultural background, and it has struck a chord with the diners of Brighton. This may not be the flashiest of Brighton restaurants, but Planet India is one of the most charming and welcoming.

Interior of Planet India Brighton

Vegetarian Gujarati specialities

In India most meals do not contain meat. The concept of vegetarianism is not as much of a talking point as it is in Western culture. The food at Planet India reflects this. They are not so much a vegetarian restaurant, as an authentic Indian dining experience. The Brighton restaurant is famous for offering dishes in single or two half portions.

A table covered in Indian food

This means that a group of four people could have everything off the menu and share. This is much more in keeping with how you should enjoy Indian food. Expect some vibrant and fresh dishes throughout the menu. Bright zingy starters give way to rich and earthy curries with homemade ice cream for pudding. Everything is prepared with love and care, with flavour at the core of their cuisine.

Samosa Chaat

A warm welcome Gujarati style

It is not only the fantastic food that keeps people coming back to Planet India, although this helps. You will be hard pressed to find a warmer welcome anywhere in Brighton. There is a genuine openness and warmth that greets you on every visit. Whether you are a new customer or a seasoned regular, the owners and staff make you feel welcome and at home. There is no corporate façade. This is a family run restaurant and when you walk through the door it is as though you have been invited into their home. This makes for a fantastic experience.

Black chickpea curry


  1. Rhys Trussler

    Great food, great vibes. I love Planet India for its pure veggie, very vegan menu of homecooked Gujarati food.

  2. Angela Simmonds

    Recently tried Planet India with a vegetarian friend and I couldn’t believe how good the flavours and textures were. A good variety of dishes, good on the price point. Nothing fancy here, just great indian food

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