Vegan review at Tropical Sushi Brighton

Tropical Sushi Brighton is a fusion sushi restaurant fusing Latin and Japanese flavours in the heart of Hove. Some might think this is a new concept, but it’s actually been around for a long time. Japanese immigration to South America resulted in a tantalising cuisine that merges the two cultures wonderful flavours and techniques.

avocado spicy gunkan at tropical sushi

This family-run restaurant is a vibrant and welcoming place to be any time of the year.

We visited on a rainy Friday evening and as soon as you walk into Tropical Sushi you could be on holiday with the South American music playing and fresh botanics adorning the walls and ceilings

Not to mention the warmest greeting you’ll receive from Helen and her friendly staff.

crunchy berro roll at tropical sushi

Catering for every dietary requirement

The menu is vast and split into categories with photography of the food along the way and there are as many vegetarian and vegan options as there are meat and fish. In fact, every single vegetarian option can be made into a vegan -friendly one – and there are a lot! From nibbles to traditional sushi rolls to sharing platters and fusion tacos, there’s a great selection and if you can’t choose the staff are more than happy to help you.

mini sushi pizza at tropical sushi
Starter at Tropical Sushi Brighton

Because there’s so much variety, Helen thought it would be best to let us try a large selection of sample-sized versions of all the vegan options. We were given a selection of starters and mains with a mouthwatering dessert like no other to finish.

To start..

To start with we were served Yuca Frita which is fried cassava (a potato-like South American vegetable) with Edamole a guacamole made with Edame beans and avocado. This was a very nice start to the meal. The Edamole was fresh and the cassava was so similar to chunky fries but without the greasiness or heaviness, and with more bite. Dan said he didn’t know if he could ever go back to normal chips!

yuca frita at tropical sushi

Full flavor WOW factor

Along with this we were also given the Tofu Tempua served with creamy sesame dressing – a Mini Sushi Pizza which has the base of tempura sushi rice, topped with avocado, plantain, dragon and teriyaki sauce, that had a nice after-kick to it. We were also given a vegan take on the Coco Roll with asparagus, crispy fried panko breadcrumbs and a teriyaki sauce. Our vocabulary was pretty much reduced to vowels or the letter ‘M’ for this whole stage of the meal thanks to the non-stop amazing flavour combinations.

tofu tempua at tropical sushi

Customer favourites

Last of the starters and bites was one of their Tronchis Tacos each, which we were told is a favourite with their customers. I can see why as it’s super innovative, creating tempura nori to act as the taco which was filled with sweet potato, wakame and avocado drizzled with a sweet and sticky sauce that had a gentle spice. A rich dish that packs a punch.

tacos at tropical sushi

Next up we were given an Avocado Spicy Gunkan each. This was the perfect follow-up to the taco’s thanks to its fresh lime flavours and lightness.

Fusion Flavours

But then the pièce de résistance arrived: a platter with five varieties of their vegan sushi waiting to be savoured. On the platter there was the Crunchy Berro made with sweet potato tempura, avocado and dragon drizzle, Avila Roll with plantain and crunchy wakame – this was named after El Ávila National Park in Venezuela with picturesque mountains.

platter of sushi at tropical sushi
Sushi Platter at Tropical Sushi Brighton

There was also the popular Preston Roll which is a favourite amongst punters. Named after the nearby Preston area in Brighton, this boasts meaty mushrooms and a fuji sauce, and also a Palmera Roll made with asparagus and wrapped in fried plantain, and finally the Tio Simon Roll which had plenty of crunch with its tempura topping.

Sweet treats

By this time we were amply stuffed with so many fresh and inspiring flavours, but we couldn’t say no to a sweet bite when we’re offered a try of their mochi balls. A heavenly bite into a matcha tea dusted biscoff filled sweet treat. One word: WOW. Dan’s face told a whole story as he bit into it. I could hear his brain asking, “What is THIS?!” The sweet caramel biscoff that oozes out of it is just divine. I’d highly recommend trying one or two of these!

mochi balls at tropical sushi
Mochi Balls at Tropical Sushi Brighton
If you’re looking for innovative flavour combinations and a vibrant atmosphere creating the illusion of being in a hot country regardless of the actual time of year, surrounded by lovely staff then this is the restaurant for you. It would serve wonderfully for a large group if you were looking to celebrate somewhere too. All in all, this was one of our favourite restaurants we’ve reviewed. Get down there!
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