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Super Simple Baguette Recipe by Steven Edwards

Baguette Recipe by Steven Edwards

Masterchef winning Steven Edwards from etch. restaurant in Hove has put together a super simple baguette recipe which can be followed in only 12 steps. You only need four ingredients so this is the perfect recipe to try out if you have some time on your hands whilst being stuck inside.

Ingredients for Baguette Recipe

  • 600g of T55 flour or the best white bread flour you can get
  • 360g of lukewarm water
  • 15g of dried yeast / 30g of fresh yeast
  • 5g of caster sugar

Method – Step 1

Whisk together the dried yeast and lukewarm water. An essential start for this baguette recipe.

Baguette recipe

Step 2

Add the sugar and whisk again

Step 3

Add the wet mixture to the T55 flour or white bread flour and knead for 5 minutes using a kitchen aid or 10 minutes hand knead.

Baguette recipe

Step 4

Cover with clingfilm

Step 5

Turn your oven on to 35°c and prove for 45 minutes – the dough will double in size. Alternatively, if your oven doesn’t go as low as 35°c, preheat to the lowest temperature possible and turn the oven off before proving.

Baguette recipe

Step 6

Portion into 3x 320g portions being careful with the skin on top

Baguette recipe

Step 7

Shape gently and place onto three greased trays ( or use greaseproof paper) – spray the bread with water and then cover each tray with clingfilm.

Baguette recipe

Step 8

Prove in the oven at 35°c for a further 30 minutes

Step 9

After the further 30 minute prove, spray with a bit of water, dust with flour and score.

Baguette recipe

Step 10

Turn oven up to 250°c and place a tray of water on the bottom shelf for a steam bake.

Baguette recipe

Step 11

Cook for 15 minutes and then a further 5 minutes off the tray

Baguette recipe

Baguette Recipe | Finishing product 

Step 12

Leave to cool on a cooling rack and you’re done!

Baguette recipe

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