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Get ready Brighton – Blossoms Cocktail and Sushi Bar is here to rock your foodie world!

Strutting onto the scene with a peacock level of prowess and serving stylish sophistication in a super relaxed and fun way…Blossoms has hit Brighton between its glitter covered eyes, finding the sweet spot between casual and classy, and we are so here for it! *glitter shower GIF*

exterior shot of Blossoms Brighton

Blossoms knows their audience

Slap bang in the centre of The Lanes, just steps from the madness of North Street, Blossoms is a hidden gem that knows its target audience like the back of its bejewelled hand. Miles away from the norm, this intimate cocktail bar is all about giving back to the city and making everyone feel welcome with their elevated menu, seriously sexy cocktails, relaxed vibe and atmospheric interiors. 

interior shot of the Blossoms bar, bartender making cocktails and flowers dropping of ceilings

Casual sophistication at its finest

Owner Sam is just about as lovely a human as you can get – all smiles, sunshine and professionalism, he’s a master of the art of hosting. Whether you arrive bedraggled from a downpour or are dressed to the nines, you are always welcome to take refuge in this secret sanctuary. No need to put on airs, this restaurant is equal parts opulent and laid back, allowing you to decide if it’s a dress-up or dress-down kind of day, and that speaks directly to this Brightonian’s heart. I like to rockup in Air Max and a jazzy dress; add in killer cocktails and some preposterously good bites and it’s a party! 

Cocktails for every palate

Tonight was Jazz Night, and my great friend Jo and I were in for a sushi treat. But first – cocktails! Blossoms newly appointed bar maestro has just created, and cultivated, a shiny new Japanese-inspired cocktail menu that has a little bit of something special for just about everyone; a Miso-margarita with just enough spice to keep it interesting, a smooth, smokey Japanese whiskey Old Fashioned served with its own piece of burnt cedar and, of course, a cherry blossom inspired tipple designed to tickle your tastebuds. Yum Yum Yum – two of each please! 

Dramatic and intimate interiors

We were seated at a cosy little two-top near the makeshift stage, looking out into the decorative restaurant. Japanese parasols sway gently on the ceiling, a gilded bird cage booth adds a bit of flair, as do dramatic Japanese-style murals. Drapes of cherry blossoms adorn the bar, walls and entrance like silky floral clouds. As if it needs to be said, Blossoms loves to make a statement. 

A velvet voice to soothe the soul

A troop of friendly musicians sauntered in taking pride of place right next to our little table. At first I wasn’t sure about our proximity, but the moment they began to play my soul was well and truly soothed. Delicate and effervescent, the lead’s voice was soft like velvet. Conversations blossomed (sorry had to) and the room began to hum with Thursday night frivolity. 

Every table was full, no exaggeration! It was as if the singer was a siren luring wayward sailors to her lair. Without even realising it, passers by were drawn inside to bask in the atmosphere and enjoy a taste of this delicious summer’s eve. 

And now…to eat! 

Jo and I aren’t fussy eaters, and we truly believe that food is joy, so we asked Sam to choose our menu and ‘my oh my’ did he choose well. We were about to be treated to an array of small plates fit for the queens we are. 

miso teriyaki aubergine

To start, a succulent miso teriyaki aubergine topped with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and a bite of spring onion; its distinct flavour and creamy texture was absolutely delicious. 

edamame with sea salt served in mini bowl at Blossoms Brighton. Blossoming night

Of course no Japanese meal would be complete without the obligatory edamame with sea salt…(look I don’t make the rules people I just eat them jeez!) Little green pops of deliciousness that are as fun as they are yum. 

Sauce so good you should serve it with a spoon

Next was easily the most morish dish of the bunch, the tenderstem broccoli swimming in the most beautiful sesame sauce. Hand to God we asked for a spoon. It was THAT good. Perfectly tender broccoli in sesame broth topped with crunchy, toasted sesame seeds and some dainty edible flowers. A wonderfully surprising star of our night, we could only have wished there’d been more…

The tenderstem broccoli swimming in the sesame sauce.

The Karage Chicken was another superstar that sang with traditional flavour. Sweet ginger, salty soy, and a dusting of sesame, served with a tongue tingling-mayo, nom. 

The Karage Chicken dish served on the dark blue plate at Blossoms Brighton. Blossoming night.

Sushi that Sparks Joy!

My personal favourite for both presentation and flair was the Blossom Dragon Roll. For spectacle alone I would have rated it 10/10, but the flavour was excellent as well giving it a well deserved 11/10. I am a bit of a *cough* sushi snob. (Look I’m not proud of it, it comes from my Los Angeles upbringing. Blame the Americans…I always do).

Blossom Dragon Roll dish served on the white plate at Blossoms Brighton. Blossoming night.

Sushi isn’t just about the sashimi, or a stuffy setting, it’s also about the joy it brings. Sushi is edible art, and you gotta Marie Kondo any sushi that does not spark joy. Luckily the Blossoms Dragon Roll was sparking all the joy! Perfectly ripe emerald avocado atop an inside out roll filled to the brim with crunchy, flakey tempura prawn, cucumber, and rolled with delicate and delicious sushi rice. Not a stodgy grain in sight, this sushi queen was in sushi heaven. 

pulled pork-light-as-air-fluffy-as-a-cloud bao bun

Finally, the pulled pork-light-as-air-fluffy-as-a-cloud bao bun. Top marks, no notes, just give me the recipe and no one gets hurt. Sweet, salty, crunchy, unctuous yet light, served with fresh cucumber and dashed with a splash of saucy deliciousness. This bao bun was the grand finale to an already extraordinary meal. Brava!

Joy was sparked, cocktails were sipped and sushi was smashed…the end. 

Blossoms Sushi and Cocktail Bar and of course our sweet Sam, you have made a friend in this blogger for life. Jo and I had the most magical night, great music, wonderful company, electric atmosphere, and absolutely gorgeous eats. We enjoyed every morsel and cannot wait to come back! Thank you for having us! 

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