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Good karma and great food at Moksha Caffé!

Moksha is a Hindu term referring to the idea of liberation. This weekend I took my best friend to the London road Café Moksha for brunch, to liberate her from the mountain of A-level coursework neither of us has completed.

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A quirky, homely feel

In Brighton, we have no shortage of independent coffee shops, however the family run aspect to Moksha sets it apart. The interior of the café feels very homely, with pictures covering the walls and cushioned sofa-style seating. The recycled golden syrup tins holding our cutlery also give the place a quirky family feel.

Moksha Caffé, Brighton, coffee, cafe,

Interesting looking dishes

We choose a table beside a girl on a laptop, another student judging by the books spread out around an interesting breakfast. The “shakshuka” she is eating (I discover from my menu) is an exciting variation of traditional poached eggs, served in a middle-eastern harissa tomato sauce, with greek yoghurt, crumbled feta and a khobez wrap- a brilliant substitute to Hovis.

Moksha’s “Huevos Benedictos” puts a Mexican twist on eggs Benedict, adding free-range chorizo, tomato salsa and avocado.

The classic alternative is also displayed on the menu, with more standard egg recipes: Eggs Royale, Eggs Florentine, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs and free-range eggs on toast. Other dishes include: the Moksha breakfast- a traditional full English of bacon, eggs, mushroom, beans, sausage and tomato, the vegetarian breakfast-with spinach and grilled flat mushrooms and a bacon sandwich, all of which are served with sourdough bread (typical of trendy Brighton Coffee shops.)

Moksha Caffé, Brighton, coffee, cafe,

Relaxed and happy atmosphere

The many different dishes suit the many different diners in the Café. There are couples with coffee, a woman with a baby, a few laughing groups of friends or colleagues, and a wandering toddler covered in ketchup. The atmosphere is relaxed and everyone seems happy, probably glad like us to be relieved from work for a bit on a Saturday morning.

The prices also suit any customer, with breakfasts ranging from £4.50 and not exceeding £9…

Food and drink quick to arrive

We take a while to decide but I eventually pick the blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, with the promise of tasting the Huevos Rancheros that my friend orders. Our waiter is very friendly (as are all the staff at Moksha) amused by our awful pronunciation of the Mexican dish especially when I tell him we are taking a break from our Spanish homework.

We also order two teas, one peppermint and liquorice and one lemon and ginger. The teas came immediately and my peppermint and liquorice was deliciously sweet and full of flavour unlike a lot of herbal teas.

Moksha Caffé, Brighton, coffee, cafe,

The food is also very quick to arrive. I am very impressed with the huge stack of pancakes placed in front of me, definitely worth the £7.50 they cost! My pancakes were light and fluffy, allowing the syrup to run through all 5 and cover the salty bacon buried in the pile. The bacon is a fantastic edition, contrasting with the sugar and adding a crispy texture to the dish.

Moksha Caffé, Brighton, coffee, cafe,

The Huevos Rancheros look amazing; a large tortilla with chorizo sausage, black beans, sweet corn and chipotle sauce, melted cheese, fried egg and an avocado tomato salsa.

When my friend took a bite she seemed less enthusiastic about sharing, but I stole a small bite and agreed that it is incredible! The beans are spiced beautiful and the chorizo is juicy succulent.

The avocado tomato salsa is zingy refreshing, making the dish taste light despite the oozing cheese that covers everything.

Moksha Caffé, Brighton, coffee, cafe,

Cleaned our plates and completely full!

Moksha’s website promises to satisfy the biggest of appetites and after we have both cleaned our plates, we are completely full. Moksha does not only serve up breakfasts to end hunger, but also offers lunches including burgers, bruschettas, salads, soups and omelettes – all priced at under a tenner. Moksha also promises to end caffeine cravings or symptoms of “Smoothie withdrawal” that Brighton residents regularly suffer from. Their drinks list features many teas, frappe milkshakes, iced coffees and fruit and veg smoothies (including berry, passion fruit, kale and avocado.)

Moksha Caffé, Brighton, coffee, cafe,

Reasonably priced coffees

Our waiter offers us two complimentary coffees before we leave so we can try out Moksha’s own coffee blend of artisan coffee roasted in the nearby seaside town of Littlehampton. We are given a chai latte and a matcha latte, both of which are warm and delicious. The cinnamon kick in my chai latte made it taste very festive, reviving me a little in the post Christmas blues. The coffees are reasonably priced, unlike a lot of coffee shops in brighton, ranging from £1.40 to £2.80. This makes Moksha a brilliant destination for mid-college day coffees on Saturday job budgets.

Feeling comfortable, full and alert I certainly feel that Moksha has earned its title. To feel fully relaxed in the midst of A-levels is a rarity and I would advise any stressed students to pop into this London road café for a bit of good karma and a lot of great food!