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Brunch Bliss at Starfish and Coffee, Queens Park

Brighton’s vibrant culinary scene never fails to delight, and on a recent sunny spring morning (one of those rare moments we’ve had in between solid rain) I had the pleasure of experiencing a brunch like no other at the multi-award-winning Starfish & Coffee in Queens Park. Set into one of our city’s many hills, tucked back a little from the bustling front and that day’s blue, blue sea, Starfish & Coffee exudes a cosy warmth and sense of neighbourhood café charm from the moment you step inside.

interior shot of the Starfish and Coffee , warm and cosy interior, with dim yellow lights, big windows, blue and brown furniture and people having a breafast. Brunch bliss

The decor is lovely – deep, complicated blues with pops of colour, worn wooden floor; plenty of space and huge windows for the sunlight to stream through. The perfect spot for a spot of brunch!

Skylark – A World First!

The friendly staff suggested a seat by the window and told me about their new coffee partner, a local company called Skylark, which is the only 100% non-profit and transparent roasterie in the world! Theirs is a fascinating story – check out their website – and a testament to the cafe’s own strong commitment to their local community and producers – another reason to feel all warm and fuzzy in here!

box of skylark coffee with small cup with coffee seeds inside

They use local Sussex suppliers wherever possible, and a quick perusal of the menu sets my mouth a-watering over the enticing selection. From classic favourites to innovative creations, sweet or savoury, there’s a brunch delight to tempt every taste.

side shot of the pink chai at Starfish and Coffe. Brunch bliss

Perfect Pear Pancakes and Streaky Bacon Sides

After much deliberation, I settled on the luscious-sounding Pear Pancakes but with a side of streaky bacon, accompanied by a delicious pink chai, while my friend had a velvety flat white to kick-start her morning and ordered the Avocado Smash, also with a side of streaky bacon (copycat!).

As we chatted and waited for our food, I noticed the great atmosphere; the vibe between both staff and locals felt relaxed and easy. The loyalty coffee programme is a great idea to reward regular customers – it’s clear that Starfish & Coffee is more than just a café; it’s a community hub where friends gather to savour good food and good company; somewhere the couple behind us felt able to come and relax with their teeny tiny newborn – so adorable! Attention to detail goes into every aspect of Starfish & Coffee, from the friendly service to the thoughtfully curated menu, it’s evident that this café is a labour of love for its owners.

over head shot of the two plates one with delicious pancakes and maple syrup and one with avocado toast. Brunch bliss at Starfish and Coffee

The plates arrived – and what plates! My pancakes were adorned with perfectly caramelised roasted pear topped with fluffy cashew cream and sprinkled with roasted walnuts. The maple syrup didn’t stay on the side for long and delivered unto me was a mouthful of sweet perfection, perfectly balanced by the crunchy, salty bacon.

close up shot of the Avocado Smash, a veritable tower of creamy avocado, roasted sweet potatoes, green pesto, kale crisps and pomegranate seeds on Flour Pot Bakery sourdough toast

My friend’s Avocado Smash was a veritable tower of creamy avo, roasted sweet potatoes, green pesto, kale crisps and pomegranate seeds on Flour Pot Bakery sourdough toast – stop it, already!  The chat subsided while we savoured every bite, punctuated only by the odd ‘ooh!’ and ‘mmmmnn’ after a sip of expertly crafted coffee. 

Bloody Mary’s on a Thursday Morning? Yes please…

As we ate, sun streamed through the windows; the warmth of early spring sunshine combined with the aroma of excellent coffee and really good food made for one of those perfect film-esque moments. All it needed was Hugh Grant to bumble in.

side shot of Bloody Mary and pink flat white coffee at Starish and Coffee

In fact, we were having such a great time that we ignored our better morning judgement and as our plates were collected, ordered a Bloody Mary each. What?? It was a Thursday! Practically the weekend. Now, I am a Bloody Mary snob. I don’t drink them often, largely because I know I’ll probably get some warm tomato juice and vodka with a slice of lemon floating forlornly on the top. Not these beauties. Savoury and peppery; just the right amount of spice and a citrus kick to get the juices flowing, with that lovely vodka warmth – mmmmn. Naughty but very nice. Tempted to have another, we realised the time and reluctantly peeled ourselves off our comfy chairs. Back to reality. But seriously – rain or shine, Starfish and Coffee is the perfect backdrop to a truly memorable brunch experience. Go try it for yourself!

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