Quirky & cool nod to the classic American Diner, with a deliciuos USA themed menu and retro decor.

Situated on the seafront, it offers a pleasant evening out with your friends but also comfortable booths are suitable for those who wants to hide for a coffee or hot chocolate and a quite chat. Decorated in 1950s style and playing the favourite catchy tunes of the same era, JB’s supplies the perfect atmosphere to enjoy tasty burgers, footlong hot- dogs or to get messy with a rack of barbeque ribs… There are also veggie burgers and generous salads on the menu for an unorthodox ones…And it’s not everything! Thick and delicious milkshakes are the restaurant’s speciality with a new one appearing every week. Don’t worry that you will be bored because Elvis Presley, Marylin Monroe and their friends keep an eye on you all over the place and we care about your comfort and satisfaction.”


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