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 Oeuf’s Secret Garden in Hove! 

Won’t be Kept Secret for Long…

As if we weren’t already in love with the team at Oeuf, they have now gone above and beyond with their beautiful new Secret Garden. Pebbled pathways and gorgeous hanging baskets sway delicately under the branches of lush green trees in an open air suntrap that must be seen to be believed. It’s already so popular they’re looking to extend it onto the grassy lawn beyond. Fresh, bright, and beautiful, the Secret Garden won’t be kept secret for long. 

beautiful Ouef's garden populated with people on a sunny day

Blissful and Beautiful

From the moment you step through Oeuf’s checkerboard entrance you are transported to a place of elevated elegance that we are sure even Lady Featherington would approve of. Hung with dried flowers, there are tasteful pampas grass wreaths and installations on every door. Just past the threshold is the host station where we were greeted with an authentic smile and a bubbly ‘Good Morning’ by the lovely Lulu who showed us around the lavish venue. 

An Ouef brunch visit. The entrance of the Hove cafe with outside seating a people sitting outside at tables.

In the foyer an intimate cafe, ideal for catching up over a coffee and a croissant. To the left, the main restaurant, which is relaxed and opulent with murals and chandeliers twinkling over the diners. Through to the back, and down a few steps, is the Secret Garden which at 10.30am on a Friday morn was absolutely filled with happy, sun-soaked revellers.

beautiful Oeuf garden populated with people on a sunny day

After taking a quick pic, we were escorted to a tidy little table which caught just enough sun for me to bask in the warm morning light. Greeted right away by our lovely server, who was all smiles, my friend Melek ordered a green tea and a refreshing iced latte for me.

Everyday is Special at Oeuf

One thing that I absolutely LOVE about Oeuf is the way the kitchen elevates the ordinary with simple luxuries. Melek’s green tea could have been served in a plain white cup with a tea bag but instead she was delighted by a beautiful rose pink tea set served with a dainty golden teaspoon (only the best for Lady Melek of Danbury!). My iced latte could have been served in a plain mug, but instead was expertly layered into a cut crystal tall glass with a dollop of foam on top, and served with a twirling paper straw. Just like Brighton (and Bridgerton), Oeuf is all about making a celebration out of the everyday. 

We ordered our brunch and had a chat about everything – and nothing – while we soaked up the atmosphere. The sun was shining and each table around us was luxuriating in the morning light, chatting giddily about how it was finally summer and you could feel the buzz and joy in the air.

Vegan Delights

A short time later our picture perfect brunches arrived with a flourish. Melek is vegan and was delighted to have so many beautiful vegan menu options to choose from. It was a toss up between the vegan Plant Full English or the Avocado on Toast…but when avo is involved the fight is never fair! Melek was presented with two slices of wholewheat sourdough toast which were piled high with roughly smashed, electric-green avocado.

avocado and tomatoes on the toast

Underneath, and dolloped on top, was a glorious chilli chutney that had just enough kick to keep it interesting and the right amount of tartness to cut through to rich avo. Placed on top were the juiciest confit vine ripened baby tomatoes, sliced sweet radish, a sprinkle of seeds and a flourish of parsley. Melek was in vegan foodie heaven. 

Bring on the Burnt Butter!

Eggs Royale has always been my favourite brunch dish of all time. BUT Oeuf’s Burnt Butter Crab Benedict might have just secured the title of Best. Brunch. Ever. I know – it’s big news! Everyone just calm down and take a breath. The reason for such a grand statement is simply this – balance. Often times a Royale or Benny will rely too heavily on the hollandaise being the star of the show, and everything else just disappears. When you are dealing with something as delicate as fresh crab it can be too much, and that’s where the genius of the chefs at Oeuf shines.

egg royale

To make sure the crab remains the hero of the dish Oeuf uses burnt butter instead of hollandaise for their gorgeous Crab Benedict, and oh goodness, it is next level. Imagine a piece of toast, fresh out of the toaster with loads of butter and slightly burnt edges. It gives depth of flavour and hearty warmth and that is the magic of expertly burnt butter. Rich, smokey, unctuous burnt butter, is paired with fresh succulent Sussex crab meat, then topped with a creamy, golden-yolked poached egg, with a squeeze of zing – out of this world! A fresh, bright, rich and warming balance of flavour…divine. 

Don’t Covet my Cocktails Darling

As we finished our ten star brunch, Melek and I decided to celebrate…it would be rude not to really. Not only is Oeuf famous for their fab brunch menu, but they have some seriously exceptional cocktails too! Oeuf’s mixologists don’t hold back any punches with their bangerang Bloody Mary!

a woman holding a bloody Mary in her hand

They have four different and delicious signature Bloody Mary options for you to choose from including a carrot juice one for non-tomato people. Melek is like me and drinks pickle juice from the jar, so the ‘Mary’s in a Pickle’ was exactly what she didnt know she needed. Sweet, salty, mouthwatering pickle-delicious with a splash of vodka and plenty of spicy kick – boomtown! 

I personally enjoy a sweet finish to my meal and decided on the Bee Breezy; a fresh, light and bright fizz cocktail that tastes like sunshine. Made with Grapefruit, Honey, Pear & Prosecco, it was rimmed with local honey and topped with a flower. Picture perfect and delightful. 

Alfresco Brunching at its Finest! 

What can I say? Oeuf is both style and substance and the sensational Secret Garden is the place to be this summer. Opulent, elevated, excellence from start to finish. Whether you are celebrating a baby shower, a Bridgerton-style soiree, or simply a date with your love, Oeuf will not disappoint and I cannot wait to come back! See you soon Amber and Lulu, you’ve outdone yourselves again darlings! 

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