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Purezza Brighton – Vegan Pizzeria

Purezza Brighton.

Purezza Brighton, the world’s first exclusively vegan pizzeria, opened on St James’ Street, Kemptown in 2015. In 2018 Purezza expanded, opening up their Camden venue, and have also gone on to open their very own vegan cheese factory. It was a good year for Purezza in 2020; despite the lockdown measures brought about by the coronavirus Purzza opened up its third venue, this time in Hove, and won the Brighton Restaurant Award for Plant Champions. 

Purezza Brighton

Purezza Brighton is stylishly decorated with lots of exposed wood, brick and stone and a generous helping of plants creating a sense of authenticity that stretches back to the ingredients. At the back of the restaurant, the open plan kitchen exposes the wood-fired pizza oven.

Purezza Brighton

Purezza Brighton serves Neapolitan style pizzas from a family recipe which has been developed into their own unique formula. Neapolitan pizzas have a soft chewy texture and form the perfect base for fresh toppings. As the owners are themselves Italian, no second-rate mozzarella replacement would do and they spent two years in the development of their own cheese substitute. As well as their vegan mozzarella style cheese, which is made from Italian brown rice, Purezza also makes raw nut cheese and coconut cheese, giving great variety and fabulous taste without the cruelty.

Pizza being sliced

Purezza Brighton – healthier pizzas

Purezza uses type 2 flour for their dough, which is healthier than the more commonly used 00 type. Add to this the fact that vegan cheese contains a fraction of the fat that is in regular cheese and you’ve got yourself an indulgent meal that’s kind to your waistline as well as animals.

As well as being completely vegan, Purezza has a great selection for those on a gluten-free diet, including raw foods, sourdough pizza, hemp flour pizza and pasta dishes.

Purezza Review, Restaurant, Brighton, Italian, Vegan

The Purezza Brighton menu

The menu at Purezza changes fairly frequently to reflect the seasons and the creativity of the chefs. There is a mix available of the classics, but fully vegan, obviously, and their own inventions, that stretch the capabilities of vegan food. Meat substitutes from seitan to tofu and tempeh add texture, all bursting with Italian flavour.

Purezza Review, Restaurant, Brighton, Italian, Vegan


Having filled up on the virtues of healthier, cruelty-free pizza it’s important to get some balance with some devilish desserts. Chocolate pizza is an obvious choice, or something in the way of a cashew nut cheesecake which is silky smooth and bursting with fruity flavour. To drink there is a good selection of beer, wine and cocktails (Aperol, naturally) and the joy of being in a vegan establishment is you don’t even need to ask if the wine is vegan-friendly.


Fancy experimenting with creating your own vegan pizza? Purezza has published their best recipes in their own cookbook, also available as a download.


  1. Malcolm Grubb

    Sorry forget to rate it always 5*

  2. Malcolm Grubb

    Food is always amazing.the pizzas are not filling . But ample… you don’t bloat.the orio pizza is amazing..the owner is always smiling..and love his dog..the staff are so friendly..

  3. Rhys Trussler

    Purezza is getting better and better, in the beginning I didn’t think they’d make it, but they’ve adapted, improved and redecorated. This is I valiant effort to make something that people really want to work, work – I applaud them for it 👏. The pizza bases rival Fatto Mano or other great pizzerias but the toppings are all vegan and seem to switch around from fake meat to great use of veggies, so if you’re one or the other keep checking in.

  4. Caroline

    I’ve had takeaway and eaten in at Purezza and both have been perfect pizza experiences – even for a non-vegan/vege. The pesto is my fave but the smoked beetroot is pretty outstanding too (stolen from my boyfriend’s plate!)

  5. Emma Harrel

    There are a lot of exciting dishes at Purezza, from their vegan cheese board to the calzone dessert. The ingredients are fresh and the flavour combinations are innovative. You can also order Purezza to eat at home with Deliveroo.

  6. Angela Simmonds

    Outstanding pizza and love the fact that they keep getting better. Definite improvement on the first pizza we had there last time. Now they have a new pizza oven, pizza base is incredible and quite light, plus toppings are all fresh and tastes. We are non vegans and some dishes aren’t for us- what we do like though we really like! Only uk vegan pizzeria apparently

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