The Coppa Club and Brighton Igloos

The Lanes are easy enough to get lost in, even for residents. But with the opening up of Hanningtons Estate in mid-2019, the additional meandering red-brick passages, ascending and descending stairs and the appearance of doors where once there were walls all add a sort of magic to the area.

Wherever you wander in the Lanes, you are sure to come out at some point into the clear open space of Brighton Square with its familiar child and dolphin fountain. Invigorating this once slumbering oasis with new life is Coppa Club, with their all-day menu, varied bar and new to launch Brighton Igloos.

The Coppa Club seeks to provide all-weather alfresco dining, which is easier said than done in the south of England! To accomplish this during the winter months, they have installed a set of igloos in the square, providing cosy private dining in the heart of The Lanes. In the winter this is like being in your own snow globe as Coppa Club really go to town on the festive decor. You can book your own igloo here

Brighton spends more on coffee than anywhere else in the UK and also has more freelancers per capita than anywhere in the UK, are the two related? Clearly yes, since cafes are offices full of the magic ingredient needed to get you past that deadline – coffee. The Coppa Club serves great tasting freshly roasted coffee from 8 am, with plenty of booths for some well-styled business meetings plus free and fast wi-fi, chargers and plug sockets. 

Coppa Club serves up a selection of classic and signature Brighton cocktails, including a few available by the pitcher for those that know what they want (and don’t want to keep having to order). Brighton food blogger and influencer Completely Carys said the Coppa Club’s Mojito was one of the best she has ever had (while visiting the igloos).

Extending over three units in Brighton Square, Coppa Club is a bright and spacious venue. The outdoor area is a winter wonderland for half the year and a social piazza in the summer. Inside, the bar is set with a few stools and a lounge area, ideal for a few drinks and intimate chat. Booths make for little party ‘eddies’, and the dining area is open and stylish.  Coppa Club offers a relaxing space for any (or no) occasion. 

A varied all-day menu focused on uncomplicated dishes, from small plates to main courses. Coppa Club caters equally well for a quick after-work drink with a simple bar menu to a weekend brunch get-together or a special occasion meal. Open from 8 am serving full big-breakfasts, and smaller healthier starts, through to their all-day menu with classic well made dishes served until late.

Coppa Club boasts a local, friendly team offering great, unfussy service. Pull up a chair at the bar while one of their mixologists shakes you up a classic cocktail and indulge in some old-time bartender conversation. Let time slip by in the outdoor square with attentive table service and take recommendations from your waiter. Whatever time of day you’re visiting and for whatever reason, you’ll feel well looked after.

Brighton is a city of animal lovers, and Coppa Club welcomes the four-legged canine family members in its dog-friendly lounge areas. Two-legged family members are also welcome in the dining area, and there is a full child’s menu available.