Breakfast review: Smokeys, Brighton

Brighton Food Reviewer, Mrs RB, January 2015

If you have ever travelled to the US and since got a little nostalgic for a giant breakfast filled with deliciousness then I recommend that you take the time to pop along to Smokeys and try their fayre.

We – that’s Mr RB and I, of course – were there early one cold and blustery seafront morning having been for a swim and worked up an appetite so it is possible that we might have got a little carried away with our ordering.

Pouring maple syrup on blueberry American style pancakes at Smokeys restaurant, Brighton.
Pouring maple syrup on blueberry American style pancakes at Smokeys.

We went for a Short stack of homemade blueberry American pancakes with maple syrup, a Breakfast Quesadilla with scrambled free range eggs, american smoked bacon, green onions, avocado and cheese, served with sour cream and salsa, and we also had a Full English which included Bacon, sausage, mushroom, tomato, sauté potatoes, free range egg, and toast. As we were doing part post-swim breakfast/part review, we even added in the Eggs Royal (smoked salmon, spinach, poached egg).

Cutlery and condiments at Smokeys restaurant, Brighton
Cutlery and condiments at Smokeys restaurant, Brighton

After a few memorable and disappointing coffee experiences in American hotels and diners I always avoid the “bottomless cup of coffee” and was delighted to see that a decent coffee was available. We also had some freshly squeezed orange juice (Mr RB) and I went for the Cloudy Kent Apple Juice. All as thirst quenching and fresh as expected.

As with many Brighton venues, Smokeys make a point of trying to source as much as possible locally, the eggs are free range, and the coffee fair trade. When it comes to the pancakes though, this is your authentic American experience.

Smokeys serve breakfast until 12pm and we were there at 9am on a Thursday morning, so certainly not the busiest time. This did mean that we had a seat in the window so we could and we felt very relaxed as we worked our way through our morning feast.

Mine was the Quesadilla and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Cheese, avocado, bacon, sour cream…what’s not to love?!

Breakfast quesadilla at Smokeys restaurant, Brighton
Breakfast quesadilla at Smokeys, Brighton

I was careful not to finish it all as, for me, one of the biggest indulgences available in the breakfast eating arena is the American pancake with maple syrup and there was no way I was going to miss out on that treat. All this talk of breakfasting like a king makes me wonder why we don’t do more two course breakfasts ending with a ‘breakfast pudding’. The pancakes were huge. The blueberries were cooked within the pancake so you got a nice little pop of a blueberry every mouthful or so and, once drenched in maple syrup, they were exactly what an American pancake should be: delicious, sweet, and over the top.

What of the full English? Mr RB started with the Eggs Royal which looked perfectly cooked and were declared to be very tasty..

but for him, it was the full English – with American style sauteed potatoes – that was the star of his morning.

Full English breakfast at Smokeys Brighton with American style potatoes
Full English breakfast at Smokeys Brighton with American style potatoes

As we weren’t in any rush that morning – we had a nice day of waiting for us – we took our time and we enjoyed ourselves. The venue was quiet but not empty, the staff were friendly and attentive without hassling and I really enjoyed my over-indulgent breakfast. In fact, the more I think and type the more I am thinking that this Saturday morning should start with a huge American style breakfast – especially if it stays this cold. Mmmm…pancakes…I can’t wait!

Coffee mug at Smokeys restaurant Brighton
Coffee mug at Smokeys Brighton