Copper Clam Brighton Review

Finally, the sun is out again and what better way to celebrate than with a midweek drink and a tasty bite to eat. Lucy and I have decided to take a nice walk down to the seafront for the evening to enjoy some fantastic seafood at The Copper Clam. As we enter the seafront restaurant, we are greeted warmly by both our fantastic waiter and the mouthwatering aromas wafting from the kitchen. We are taken upstairs and seated in the perfect spot to catch the remainder of the evening sun whilst looking out to sea.

The Copper Clam Brighton Review

Local bubbly

As we look through the menu, we both have a wonderful glass of Fitz sparkling wine from a local winery in Worthing. What a perfect way to start a meal and great to see that, as well as the locally sourced fish, there are local wines on the menu. I love a great restaurant that uses wonderful produce from the surrounding area.

The Copper Clam Brighton Review

Oyster selection

On the recommendation of the chef, we start with the champagne oysters and the scallops with chilli and chorizo. I love oysters and am very excited when they are presented to the table. The champagne comes in the form of a pink granita, bursting with colour that adds another freshness to the delicious oyster.

The Copper Clam Brighton Review

The scallops are large and perfectly cooked with a great caramelisation on the outside and tender in the middle. The smokiness of the chorizo and light bite of the chilli cuts through the sweetness of the scallop as you mop up the chorizo oil, saving the remaining oil for the freshly baked bread. What a way to begin a seafood feast; we are now so excited about the next course.

The Copper Clam Brighton Review

For the fish lovers

Living by the sea, the Copper Clam has an amazing menu of pan-fried cod and sea bream, skate, moules mariniere, shellfish platters and so much more. But you must keep an eye on the daily specials board that regularly changes by season and catch of the day. We order the curried crab and the monkfish with mussels and clams and are recommended a bottle of the Viognier with its bolder flavours to go with the curried crab.

The Copper Clam Brighton Review

As we are tasting the wine, we are presented with the monkfish, mussels and clams served in a tomato and chorizo stew. The colours are so vibrant against the white bowl and I am so happy we have bread left over to dip into the rich sauce. The monkfish is meaty and perfectly cooked. Timing this alongside the cooking of the mussels and clams is a real skill as they are soft and tender.

Through the bold sauce you can taste the individual seafood elements.

Monkfish is one of my favourite fish and this compliments the bold bites of chorizo and the mini treasures of shellfish hidden in the sauce. I have to say I am rather disappointed that I agreed to share with Lucy as I want this all to myself.

The curried crab

The crab has to be the star of the show as we are served this whole, cooked with the curry drizzle all over.

This looks so impressive and a dish worth impressing your loved ones with.

We have napkins in place and the claw crackers in hand. This is a joy to eat and share, a really fun dish for couples that is not only appealing to the eye but packs a punch of flavour. Yes, it is messy and that makes this all the more enjoyable as we pull the crab apart to get to juicy meat in the claws. This dish can only work when the crab is cooked this perfectly as you can still taste the meat against the most amazing curry sauce.

The Copper Clam Brighton Review

After dinner cocktails

After the wine and feeling a little naughty, we order a couple of the house cocktails. We choose a Black Rose which is made with Brighton Gin and blackberry syrup and a Mango Highball for those vodka lovers. Both are refreshing and distinctive but if you want a recommendation from me, have the Black Rose.

The Copper Clam Brighton Review

Time for pud

The food is so good we decide to squeeze in a pudding so we opt for the chocolate and hazelnut brownie with honeycomb ice cream and the white chocolate and raspberry parfait. We share both and what an end to the meal! The brownie is moist with a rich dark chocolate sauce and the honeycomb ice cream adds a great sweetness to cut through the richness of the dessert; a real favourite with Lucy.

The Copper Clam Brighton Review

The white chocolate parfait is perfectly smooth with the sharpness of raspberries cutting through the sweetness and finished off with a delightful sparkling wine jelly to add another dimension.

The Copper Clam Brighton Review

5 stars

The staff, venue and food are 5 star and it is highly recommended that you go soon. The attention to detail is amazing and so much produce is locally sourced. The Copper Clam is another Brighton gem.

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