Seafront stroll – Copper Clam Brighton Review

Copper Clam Brighton Review. After a day’s work, it’s nice to have a walk along the Brighton seafront and have a nice bite to eat. This evening, Lucy and I are very excited to be dining at the Copper Clam for some of Brighton’s finest and freshest seafood. 

Copper Clam Brighton Review

We are greeted warmly at the door and shown to our table upstairs. Passing the kitchen, you can have a  peak and smell the wonderful aromas from the chefs, hard at work. The restaurant was a warming, rustic feel with exposed brick work and a great bar in the corner, The Copper Clam invites you to relax and feel right at home with staff that put you at ease. We haven’t even seen a menu and I already want to return. 

Local produce

I ask the waiter about the produce and it’s great to hear that everything is sourced from only a stone’s throw away, with an eight mile radius for almost everything. For the perfect clams they go slightly further afield to Southampton. This is testament to the Copper Clam and I can see how proud not only their new Head Chef, Richard Hart is of this, but how the rest of the staff feel about the food they serve.  

Copper Clam Brighton Review

On advice of our waiter we go for the prosecco, I have the white and Lucy goes for the pink. Normally I am not one for bubbles but I may be a convert, it slips down so easy and has a lot more flavour than the normal cheap bottles I would grab Lucy from the supermarket. 

Seasonal dishes

The menu holds plenty options I would love to try. The seasonal produce results in an exciting, ever evolving selection all year round. The Skate with Black Butter and Capers sounds delicious and the shellfish platters look outstanding, great for groups with the fun of sharing. 

Copper Clam Brighton Review

To start though I must try some of their fresh oysters and, advised by the waiter, go for the oyster Kilpatrick, which is served with bacon and Worcestershire sauce with grilled parmesan on top. The fresh oysters, with a squeeze of lemon or their red wine & shallot sauce, are so fresh you can taste the sea, just the way I love them and presented on a bowl of ice for the added theatre.

The Kilpatrick oysters are something new to me. The salty bacon goes perfectly with the cheese and oyster.  Although the flavours are rich, they compliment rather than overpower. These are a real credit to the chef as the balance of flavours must be just perfect; I will be back to try these again. 

Delicious lobster

Next, we try the new lobster ravioli with lobster bisque. Hours of roasting down the shells, sieving and re-roasting, make the most intense bisque matched with the thinnest of pasta encasing the perfectly cooked lobster. If I could sit and eat bowl upon bowl I would be a very happy man.  

Even though every dish sounds amazing, we are lucky enough to be trying a dish yet to hit the menu, the new signature dish at the Copper Clam. If you are after something impressive to share with your friends, that looks almost as good as it tastes, then this is the dish for you. Served in a cataplana, which looks like a copper clam and is heated below by candle to keep warm as you nibble away.

Rich flavours

A shellfish lover’s dreams with huge clams, cockles, king prawns, scallops and even some perfectly cooked flaky haddock, the rich tomato sauce has an extra depth of smokiness with tasty lumps of chorizo and perfect for dipping the home baked bread. I love the shells kept in the dish to give a great rustic feel which matches the ambiance of the restaurant. When this dish hits the menu, this will be a tremendous success and we feel privileged to be the first to try it. 

Chocolate lovers delight – Copper Clam Brighton Review

Lucy is very interested in trying the chocolate Panna Cotta for dessert and feeling so full I wanted something simple and refreshing so go for the fresh berries and cream.

The panna cotta is rich and indulgent; a real chocolate lovers delight. A little firmer than a normal panna cotta with the added chocolate but by Lucy’s face I can see that it is the perfect addition. The berries are fresh and locally sourced which you can taste and is the perfect light finish to the most amazing meal. 

Unique approach

The Copper Clam has been on the seafront for under a year and will be here for many years to come; we are so impressed with every element of the restaurant. From the relaxing and inviting décor to the wonderful views of the West Pier, and friendly staff to serve fantastic seafood, the Copper Clam are trying unique approaches to make them stand out from the crowd. 

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