Restaurants serving lobster in Brighton?

If you look carefully, you will find that everyone’s favourite crustacean, the humble lobster is available in a number of Brighton’s restaurants from backstreet restaurants in The Lanes to more classic seafood restaurants on Brighton’s seafront. Here is the Restaurants Brighton guide to lobster restaurants and venues serving lobster. You will also like our guide to the Brighton fish and seafood restaurants round-up and our best restaurants in Brighton which includes a number of restaurants serving fish and lobster.

Lobster restaurants in Brighton

The Salt Room

The Salt Room’s kitchen is stocked with the finest local seafood, including lobster. Appearing twice on their current al la carte menu, you can choose to go simple with a whole lobster served with garlic & parsley butter and chips or add half a lobster to a steak for a surf and turf extravaganza!

Lobster at The Salt Room

The Salt Room in Brighton offers seafront views, an award winning restaurant and some of the best service you will receive across Brighton and Hove.

Private Dining Brighton, The Saltroom

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The Copper Clam

In a superb location on Brighton seafront, The Copper Clam is just 150m from the new BAi360 attraction. Describing themselves as a ‘purveyor of fine seafood, gin, wines & spirits’ the team are proud to shout about the fact their shellfish and fish are sourced ethically and locally, ensuring you are dining on sustainable delicious seafood. They source their lobsters alive from Newhaven, where they’re served either cold, grilled with garlic & butter or part of a surf and turf with a steak. You’ll also find the lobster as part of the shellfish platter or roasted in white wine, garlic, saffron & herbs.

Copper clam, private dining, seafood, restaurant, Brighton, seafront

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  • Make a reservation on 01273 323847
  • The Copper Clam main feature
  • Lobster information: The Copper Clam source their lobsters alive from Newhaven.

Browns Restaurant

Can you think of anything more delicious (and decadent) than lobster benedict? Succulent lobster tail tops an english muffin and is smothered with homemade hollandaise for a brunch that will surely fire you up for the day! Brighton favourite, Browns also serve steaks with an optional lobster tail turning it into a traditional surf and turf.

 Browns restaurant

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Riddle & Finns | Meeting House Lane

Ask around in Brighton about lobster and you can be sure that the name ‘Riddle & Finns’ will come up. And quite rightly too, seeing as they run two very popular seafood restaurants, one in the lanes and one right on Brighton seafront. Sample lobster dishes include; half lobster salad with mango, green beans & citrus dressing, whole grilled lobster with either herb butter or Thermidor and a half or whole lobster featured on their fruits de mer platters.

Lobster on ice at Riddle and Finns Brighton

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Riddles on the Beach
| Lobster Brighton

Both restaurants offer Sussex blue lobsters and they have recently started a new initiative called ‘Buy one set one free‘ where customers can pay a small amount of £1.75 to release a lobster back to the wild. The restaurant then matches this donation and donates it to supporting The National Lobster Hatchery in Padstow, Cornwall. Sustainable seafood at it’s finest!

Salad at Riddle and Finns

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English’s Lobster Brighton

Like a discerning gentleman, English’s just gets better with age. A Brighton institution, English’s is the oldest seafood restaurant in the city, with the Leigh-Jones family serving up locally caught fare since 1945. Passionate about working with the best suppliers on the south coast, most of the seafood comes from Newhaven and is landed fresh every morning. Their whole and half lobster offerings include Lobster Thermidor, Lobster Bearnaise and a chilled Coronation lobster, all of which come served with garlic chips. If you fancy pushing the boat out (sorry) why not try the Lobster plateau de fruits de mer (minimum two persons). *Image by English’s of Brighton

Thermidor at English's

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  • Make a booking on: 01273 387980
  • View the English’s lobster menu
  • Lobster information: With possibly the largest selection of lobster dishes in Brighton you’ll be spoilt for choice!