Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day in Brighton

Family dining in Brighton has never looked so good, and if you’re taking your mum out for Mother’s Day in Brighton she’ll surely be in for a treat. From the best Sunday Roasts to exciting vegetarian spots we can point you in the direction of the best restaurants in Brighton and Sussex for Mother’s Day 2018!

Hilton Brighton Metropole Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea at the Hilton Brighton Metropole

If you want to get things confirmed sharpish (and time is ticking!) you can book online from a range of restaurants we’ve listed.

Main course at The Salt Room Brighton
Why not head to The Salt Room on Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day – Sunday 11th March 2018

Here is a quick-fire guide introducing you to a variety of dining options across Brighton or Sussex. Please enquire with venues directly for specific Mother’s Day menus.

The Story Behind Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day in the UK or Mothering Sunday as it’s also known is on the 4th day of lent, landing anytime between the 1st March and the 4th April. In 2018 Mother’s Day falls on Sunday 11th March.

Mother’s day (the celebration of one’s mother) was originated in the United States, by a woman named Anna Jarvis. In 1907 she held a private celebration in memory of her own mother. She wanted to continue to honour her own mother by setting aside a day to honour all mothers.

rhubarb dessert at coal shed london
Colourful dessert at The Coal Shed

She described a mother as ‘the woman who has done more for you than anyone else in the world.’  Sadly, despite Anna’s ‘success’ in creating this day to honour one’s own mother, she died hating everything about it, and wishing she’d never started it.

Wine at Plateau Restaurants Brighton
Wine at Plateau

This was because of the commercialism that quickly succeeded it’s birth. Anna became very angry when companies saw an opportunity to profit from this day. In the early 1920’s Hallmark and other’s began producing Mothers Day cards. Anna felt that this was a complete misinterpretation and exploitation of Mother’s Day, as it was supposed to be about sentiment not profit.

GB1 Restaurant, Grand Hotel, Fish, Seafood, Oysters, seafront
Fish afternoon Tea at The Grand Hotel

She felt that ready-made cards encouraged laziness, as her original intentions were for people to hand write letters to their mother expressing their appreciation and love. She even protested and tried to rescind Mother’s Day. In the mid-1920’s she crashed a candy makers convention and a confab of the American War of Mothers which sold carnations in aid of Mothers Day. She was arrested. What started as an enormous gesture of honouring her mother and all others, sadly became a source of bitter resentment and regret.

Cocktails at Third Avenue Hove
Treat your mum to cocktails at Third Avenue, Hove

Mother’s Day and Mothering Sunday

Mother’s Day and Mothering Sunday are in fact two different celebrations. However, in the UK they have merged into one. Mothering Sunday doesn’t, in fact, refer to the celebration of one’s mother, but to the celebration of one’s own church. It was a day where Christians would visit their ‘Mother Church’ (the church they were baptised in).

The Copper Clam
Oysters for a special occasion at The Copper Clam!

However, due to the significance placed on this day, it was also a day where children would be reunited with their mothers as their ‘masters’ would release them from their servants’ duties. Both the secular and the religious Mother’s Day are now celebrated as one in the UK.

It is now a day where people give cards and gifts to their mother and take her out for Sunday lunch or afternoon tea.

Interior of Market Resturant Hove
Market in Hove has a relaxed, urban feel

Mother’s Day in Brighton and Sussex

Choosing a restaurant can be a challenge in Brighton and indeed the rest of Sussex, as there are just so many amazing places to choose from. First, you need to decide what you want. Do you want somewhere that does an epic Sunday roast with all the trimmings? Or do you want something a bit less traditional and a bit more nouveau? Do you want posh and fancy, or cozy and comfy, or would you take the dog with you?

Child's drink at the Salt Room Brighton
There’s plenty of child-friendly options in the city

More Mother’s Day Dining Ideas