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What to get your foodie Father?

Eat, drink and be safe.

Father’s Day (16 June) is the holiday for honouring fatherhood and paternal bonds, so when it comes to paying tribute to him you ought to make sure it’s worthy of his awesomeness. Use our gift guide below to find the perfect present for your dad, or check out the Father’s Day offers currently running in Brighton at the bottom of this page.

The discerning dad

Let’s face it whilst some are chuffed to bits with a shop-bought card, others may require something with a little more panache. If your Father falls into the Discerning Dad category then we recommend purchasing them a gift from The Great British Charcuterie; Their curd, cure and craft beer gift sets make an ideal gift for the cultivated Father.

Fathers who feast 

We don’t know many Dads who don’t love a Sunday roast, in fact, most would proudly declare this meal the most important meal of their week. So, make the most of this holiday’s impeccable timing and book your Pa in for a plate-load of the good stuff. There are innumerable options here in Brighton, so to get you started take a look at our picks for the best Sunday roast in Brighton or check out the winners of BRAVO 2024 Best Sunday Roast in Brighton.

family of five sitting by the table and enjoying their food
Terre a Terre - Fathers Day In Brighton

Award winning dad 

Many of you will think that your dad deserves a medal, so show him your appreciation by taking him to a venue worthy of his excellence. The BRAVOs 2024 has a whole catalogue of award winning restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs. Take your dad to one of these because top dogs merit top spots.

Wake up, Dad!

For the coffee-loving dad, Trading Post Coffee, has weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription offers. Subscribe today and enjoy a 15% discount on all your orders!

Check their offers here

bags of coffee
West Pier are of the Brighton populated with people going for a walk next to the Shelter Hall

Dad by the sea

Take your dad down to the coast this Father’s Day and let the cooling sea breeze tussle his locks. Treat him to a delightful day by exploring our guide to Brighton seafront restaurants and bars for a cheat sheet of the best spots along our sunny stretch of coastline. Enjoy a memorable Father’s Day with great food, refreshing drinks, and a beautiful seaside ambiance.

brunch time Dad

Brunch culture is at its hight in popularity, as a meal it sits between breakfast and lunch both in timing and style. More venues are now offering brunch as a celebratory type of dining – the bottomless brunch – where you can guzzle down prosecco and bloody Mary’s until your heart’s content. While others maintain that it is a staple of a lazy weekend and might pair it with fresh coffee and people watching. Whichever is your flavour, you’ll not be short of choice. Here’s our pick of local cafes that boast a bounty of banging brunches, our top spots for plant-based brunches and the top 20 winners of the BRAVO best brunch 2024. Let the feasting commence!

side shot of the white marble table at the Oeuf populated with various brunch dishes, from egg on toast to delicious pancakes served with juice and cocktails
The Westhill Tavern Best Pub Brighton Restaurant Awards BRAVO

Drinks with Dad

Whether it’s beer, whisky or wine that’s your father’s tipple, we’re not short of options here in Brighton; For beer go here, and find the best pubs and beer houses in town. Or see the BRAVOs top 20 cocktail bars for inspiration. If he has the time for some fine wine then book him a table at one of Brighton’s hotspots, the BRAVO best wine list will see you bursting with options.

group of people listening chef during the broghton coookery class

Teach an old dad new tricks

It isn’t true when they say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. If learning is a lifelong process and you want to teach your old dad to sit, rollover, brew beer, or maybe even cook, then sign him up for a culinary masterclass at Brighton Cookery School. In good time, he will be demonstrating his new skills for you and the family.


Out of town Dad 

If you can’t get to him or the family is too far away to get to you, then why not send dad a gift of paternal gratitude in the post? We created our From Sussex With Love page with precisely this in mind; these local growers, producers and makers all deliver nationally so you can send the gift of Sussex to the deserved one this Father’s day.

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Plates of colourful food served on a marble table with a vibrant cushion in the background.

Gift for dad

Surprise your dad with a taste of Brighton! Give him the gift of choice with a voucher to his favourite restaurant, pub, or cafe. There’s something to suit all tastes. Treat your dad and discover the perfect culinary experience.

Father's day offers

Hammerpond Road, Mannings Heath, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 6PG, United Kingdom

Mannings Heath Golf & Wine Estate

Father’s Day BBQ
121 Church Rd, Hove, Brighton and Hove, Hove BN3 2AF, United Kingdom

Wabi Sabi

Free glass of house wine or soft drink for all dads
330 Kingsway, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, BN3 4LW

The Gather Inn

Grab your table for Fathers Day Sunday Roast