Brighton’s Top 20 Family Restaurants

Family Friendly venues feature menus that kids will eat, and parents will be happy their kids are eating. These are the venues that think about the whole family’s dining experience. They help keep little ones entertained and adults relaxed. Family favourites that help you navigate the perilous terrain of picky kids and hangry partners


Oxfest family and Music festival sponsored the BRAVO 2020 award For The Family and join us in saying a big thank you for easing the pressure of those family outings.

1st place

What do children like to eat best? Pizza, pasta and ice cream! This long standing Brighton favourite has hit the big time and scooped the first place in the BRAVO awards For The Family. In true Italian style, Donatello has time and time again made their restaurant seem like a second home to you, your children, and the in-laws. Filled your bellies with the good stuff and sent you home smiling.

2nd place

What do children like to eat second of all? More pasta and pizza of course! In second place for the second year running is Fatto a Mano. With three locations over Brighton and Hove Fatto a Manno’s freshly made pizzas are never far away, ready to satisfy the immediacy of a hungry family. With great tasting fresh dishes serving something for everyone, we’re a city in love with the Italian attitude toward family dining.

3rd place

What do children like to eat third of all? More pasta and more pizza! By now our children have probably turned into dough balls, but have no fear because they are in good hands at Nuposto. This authentic Neapolitan restaurant is in the top three for Brighton’s Family favourite restaurants for the second year in a row. The combination of easy access, pocket-conscious prices, spaciousness, speed, quality and family offers, ticked all the boxes for your whole brood when making a day of it in the city.

Alcampo Lounge
13th place

Alcampo Lounge

Spanish Restaurant, Brighton, Casa Don Carlos
18th place

Casa don Carlos

20th place

The Cafe @ Yellowave