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Nick founded Restaurants Brighton in 2011 after a varied career in the Hospitality, Marketing and Recruitment sectors. Passionate about all things food and drink related (especially a great craft beer) Nick has strong relationships within the Brighton Food Industry and loves nothing better than being out and about with his camera, capturing fantastic dishes on film.

Here’s a little bit about Nick in his own words…

I love the hospitality industry and I have been involved in customer facing roles for a lot of my life, along with the marketing of such businesses. The thing is, if you get the service and delivery side of things as good as you can in a food and drink environment, then the marketing of such products and services becomes ten times easier and ten times more successful.

32 Duke Street, Brighton

Restaurant Marketing

What I love about my involvement in Restaurants Brighton is the fact that it brings all my skills and attributes together in one place. I love learning about food, meeting new venues and finding out what makes them tick and it is always very exciting when you find the inside knowledge via the restaurant and pub grape vine (ho ho).

Brighton Food Photography, GB1 restaurant, Grand Hotel

Photography & Video

Just recently too Restaurants Brighton has really invested into the food photography and video editing side of things as these are both essential areas for online Restaurant Marketing. Featured on this page are a selection of my favourite images over the last few years – I hope you like them.

I hope you enjoy my reviews and the content on Restaurants Brighton – if you wish to get in touch then please contact me via twitter @eatbrighton

Warm Brownie - Gluten free vegan chocolate brownie, 1847 Brighton, vegetarian restaurant

What do you like about the Brighton Food Scene?

Steak with Truffle at The Restaurant at Drakes, Brighton

What I like about Brighton and it’s food scene is the fact that Brighton and Sussex are very unique and we are so lucky to have all these great eateries and suppliers on our doorstep.

The Brighton restaurant business is so exciting because year after year you can see the standard getting higher and higher as the bar is raised to newer heights.

In the last few years alone we have seen a consolidation of quality. You have your stalwarts like Riddle & Finns, Bistro Du Vin, The Ginger Man Group, Terre A Terre, Indian Summer who have provided a consistent standard for many years – then just recently you have exceptional new comers like The Coal Shed, 64 degrees, Coggings and Co, The Little Fish restaurant and The New Club.

24 St Georges, Kemptown Restaurant, Brighton

Beyond this you can see so much more potential as you hear rumours of new openings on the way and you can see the improvements being made by the different developments of the regional areas of our city.

I hope we see the day soon when Brighton puts itself firmly on the map as a credible city with all the right star ratings. Unfortunately I don’t think Brighton is quite ready just yet as I don’t think we have the consistency in clientele and disposable income to maintain a Michelin star rated venue.

24 St Georges, Kemptown Restaurant, Brighton

Just so you know – we have recently added a new section to the website which is the Editor’s Choice. This is my pick of venues across the city that are particularly noteworthy and food venues that really stand out for me personally – so whether they are the best for a given genre of cuisine, or they are unique in some way – I hope you enjoy this new addition to the site.

What is one of the most important things you look for when you visit a restaurant?

Service is everything and it feels so good when a restaurant does it so well!

I can’t help myself but having worked in the industry I just expect everything to be the way it should be in terms of service.

Table Setting - 24 St Georges

Glasses should be polished without watermarks and staff should be anticipating what we might want next. Front of house should be knowledgable about all areas of food and drink and be tactful in their delivery.

It is really disappointing when you can see staff have been thrown in at the deep end, they aren’t qualified or suitable and they aren’t keen to please. Dining out is about the whole experience and I think it adds a lot of value if venues get it right.

24 St Georges, Kemptown Restaurant, Brighton

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