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Terre à Terre Brighton

Multi-award winning restaurant in the south lanes, championing vegan and vegetarian cuisine and offering a sensational culinary experience.

Vegetarian fine dining | Brighton Lanes

At the start of 2023 Terre à Terre Brighton was voted one of the top 50 restaurants in the world for vegans  – The Financial Times.

Terre à Terre have been voted the Best Restaurant in Brighton at the 2024 BRAVO Awards which are an awards voted for by the Brighton public.

Terre à Terre Brighton has been pioneering modern vegetarian cuisine in Brighton since 1993. They set out to make vegetarian dining fun and indulgent. The Brighton restaurant has received Michelin approval and also makes frequent appearances in the BRAVOs. Terre a Terre champion no fuss fine dining in the heart of Brighton Lanes and provide culinary feasts that are both innovative and delicious. The restaurant is accessible, light and spacious and benefits from a secluded terrace to the rear. 

Making history

Terre à Terre Brighton has been reigning as restaurant royalty since the early 90s. It was born in Brighton and found home in the historic Lanes area of the city, a stone’s throw away from the seafront which is now the throbbing heart of cosmopolitan culture and one of our most celebrated tourist hotspots. Back at its beginning terre à terre would have been surrounded by a very different culinary landscape, their pioneering ideas about how vegetarian cuisine could be delivered were at the time groundbreaking and can now be recognised as laying the foundation for Brighton’s abundance of vegetarian and plant-based venues.

Innovative and fun

Dine-in indulgence with the no fuss fine dining at Terre à Terre Brighton. Don’t let the tag of fine dining make you think this venue is stuffy, because that couldn’t be further from the truth. The whole ethos behind this Brighton legend’s offering is food that encapsulates fun. We label it as fine dining to emphasise the quality of the food and experience. There’s a reason why it’s stood the test of time, and by experiencing it you’ll quickly see what it is that makes this good Brighton restaurant such a special addition to our city. 

Terre a Terre Brighton - main course

The food at Terre à Terre

Dishes at Terre à Terre are nothing short of culinary masterpieces. The innovation that goes into the creation of each dish is unprecedented and results in a stunning menu of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Inspiration for the food is drawn from all over the globe, with the foundation of the Brighton food being built from tantalising taste and textures. The kitchen is experimental and with each dish you can be sure that there is some playful story behind its creation. Terre a Terre Brighton regularly feature among the best restaurants in Brighton. 

A la carte offerings such as Bao Wow glazed stuffed buns which include scrumptious steamed buns stuffed with Szechuan spring onion and ginger braised halloumi, glazed with black and white toasted sesame and white miso. Accompanied by kimchi Chinese cabbage, Lapsang Souchong pickled watermelon, miso chilli sauce and (one of our favourite dishes) Better Batter, which consists of soft buttermilk soaked halloumi, dipped in chip shop batter, served with vodka-spiked preserve plum tomatoes, bright fresh pea mint hash with pickled quails egg, sea salad tartar and chubby chips, finished with lemony Yemeni relish. Terre à Terre Brighton is a vegetarian diners paradise, with plenty of small plates available as our Restaurants Brighton blogger discovered.

Terre a Terre Brighton - dips and sweetcorn

Family fun at Terre à Terre

Terre à Terre Brighton is inclusive for all the family. So while you adults can indulge in the culinary masterpieces, your children can do the same. The kids menu offers equal flair to the adult, however it’s made specially for little mouths with sensitive taste buds. Dishes include Potato Rosti with creamed spinach or tomato sauce with or without melted cheese. While you wait for your meal, let them enjoy a little pre-dinner fun with the complimentary addition of Wikki Stix to your table. Fun for the whole family, not just the children! 

table laid out with one cocktail, one glass of prosecco and two dishes - Terre a Terre Brighton

Leisurely Lunches 

Enjoy lunch in the centre of Brighton’s cosmopolitan capital and indulge on the selection of lunch offerings at the city’s original vegetarian restaurant. Lunch time diners have the added benefit of selecting one of the Terre a Verre special offers. These include two set menu options that also offer a choice of the restaurant’s stunning selection of wine. 

Dining in the Lanes - Terre a Terre Brighton

Delectable drinks at Terre à Terre Brighton

Offering not only creative vegetarian cuisine but also a drink list of equal elegance. Terre A Terre Brighton have paid special attention to the curation of their organic wine list, which is a joy to read and an even greater pleasure to sample and you can treat Terre à Terre as your new Brighton wine shop as you can pop in any time and buy a bottle of wine. You’ll also want to note that the cocktails served here are exceptional. If you love the contemporary practices of the kitchen it’s essential that you sample the modern mixology from the bar.  

Afternoon tea and cake

Take what you expect from an afternoon tea or cake and elevate it ten fold. Terre a Terre Brighton nod to the British favourite tradition of drinking tea while enjoying sweet and savoury treats, but have of course in true Terre à Terre style sprinkled the offering with their signature creative seasonings. Scoring a top-five place in the 2022 BRAVOs for their take on afternoon tea, is a noteworthy achievement and for all intents and purposes something that if you can you must experience! 

Desert at Terre a Terre Brighton

Private parties 

Over the years Terre a Terre Brighton have helped generations of our city’s blooming vegetarian and vegan population (and others), celebrate special occasions from birthdays, to anniversaries, graduations and weddings. Their exceptional offering, royal status and prime position in the city, will make this venue a great place to make memories with friends and family. 

Diners at Terre a Terre Brighton


  1. EllaRose

    As a lifelong vegetarian, I’ve often been disappointed by lacklustre veggie options. Even tasty vegetarian food is often simple fare you could easily make at home. No fear at Terre à Terre! You get a real taste of something different – something made with such love and process that it would be hard to replicate at home – surely the best reason to eat out. Everything I’ve ever ordered there has been delicious. A real treat of a restaurant, with a lovely atmosphere and service.

  2. malcolm

    Were invited to join our vegetarian friends for lunch (we are meat eaters) at Terre a` Terre and was presently surprised how tasty the food was. We both went for the rosti, which was no ordinary rosti. Their pudding were also amazing and stunningly put together like a piece of art work. The chef knows their flavours.

  3. Rhys Trussler

    Terre a Terre has consistently been a favourite since moving to Brighton in 2002, its been a go-to for birthday’s, anniversaries, weddings or just get togethers. The staff are always friendly and the food creative. I recommend newbies start with the Terre Tapas to share, two little bits of most of the menu, it looks like a rainforest in bloom and takes your tastebuds on an adventure!

  4. Caroline

    As a meat eater I don’t always opt for vegetarian restaurants but it’s nice to mix things up occasionally and Terre a Terre is the best in my opinion! Innovative dishes and combinations, lovely staff and relaxed surroundings make this a winner in my eyes.

  5. Emma Harrel

    This is the best restaurant to go to for vegetarian fine dining, they have a fantastic vegan range too. The presentation, flavours and staff are all amazing!

  6. Tom

    Amazingly inventive and stunningly presented vegetarian food that has to be seen to be believed. The amount of work that goes into each dish is impressive, and they taste as good as they look. The real deal when it comes to vegetarian fine dining, and one of the best restaurants in Brighton.

  7. Andy Hopewell

    My wife is a vegetarian and she will giveTerre A Terre a 5. I see what she says and I will give it a 4 despite being a carnivore. Don’t tell her I gave it a 4

  8. Angela Simmonds

    A stand out meal packed full of fresh and unique flavours. Attentive service

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