Plant Champions

Plant-based Brighton dining has been sending up green shoots throughout the city. As veganism, vegetarianism and flexitarianism continue to grow in popularity, with it, new waves of chefs are reinventing the cuisine. As such, it’s never been more exciting, or more compelling, to green up your diet. These venues don’t have to be plant-based, but they’ve got to do better than a three-bean chilli for the meat-free option

Veeg has been the sponsor for the BRAVO 20 Plant Champion award and together we’ve to ask looked for innovation and vegetable elevation. Here are your Top 20;

1st place

Top of our plant-based kingdom and taking the pizza world by storm is the outstanding Neapolitan pizzeria Purezza. They are a 100% cruelty-free restaurant serving plant-based variations of classic Italian dishes. They have even branched out into opening their own vegan cheese factory, a second venue in Camden and a third in Hove! Detractors of vegan cheese will have to eat their words with this one!

2nd place

Terre a Terre continues to fly high in status as one of Brighton’s best vegetarian restaurants. They’ve achieved second place in the BRAVO Plant Champions, which now make them a top 3 winner three years in a row! A pioneer in the trend for plant-based dining, Terre a Terre continues to amaze even the most die-hard carnivore with their creative finesse.

3rd place

This vibrant, friendly and exclusively plant-based pub is relatively new to the scene. Taken over by Max and his family they have truly transformed this venue into a wonderful community focused and ethically anchored space. Their menu offers vegan and vegetarian friendly meals that are made from locally sourced and seasonal produce. They have recently set up a sitter restaurant in Lewes. Watch this space we have a feeling these guys are on to big things!

The Farm Tavern
9th place

The Farm Tavern

Brighton Restaurants
10th place

Jaldee Jaldee

Casa Azul BRAVO Team
14th place

Casa Azul

The Green Kitchen wooden sign with a plate of food
15th place

Green Kitchen

Gem's Wholesome Kitchen
16th place

Gem's Wholesome Kitchen

19th place