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Best Vegan Food

Best VEGAN Food

When diners are looking for the best vegan food Brighton has to offer, they really don’t have to look very far. Brighton has been right at the forefront of the revolution in plant-based gastronomy for decades, so there is a huge amount of choice, including genre-defining establishments and exciting new ventures.

Boosted by ethical, environmental and health concerns, the trend towards veganism, vegetarianism and flexitarianism continues to grow year on year. From excellent restaurants specialising in vegan and vegetarian food to fine dining tasting menus, supper clubs, cafes, fast-food and pubs; the scene is accessible, vibrant and innovative. Modern plant-based diners never need worry that they will miss out on an exceptional plate of food with chefs reinventing cuisine to please the modern palette.

And the winner of the BRAVO for Best For Vegans goes to – Bonsai Plant Kitchen. Huge congratulations to the team.

First place

Smashing vegan restaurant Bonsai Plant Kitchen has won the BRAVO for Best Vegan Food for the second year running. Not a huge surprise given that the fabulous, committed team is on a proper mission to showcase the delicious possibilities of vegan cooking. The 100% plant-based, nut free menu is inspired by the flavours of South East Asia and many of the dishes are cooked over Japanese coals. The result is fresh, intriguing and delicious. These days, Bonsai Plant Kitchen is never far from the lips of Brighton’s foodies, vegan or not. The vibe is fun, the music is cool and the cocktails are a bit too good…If you haven’t been, the time is now. Located on Baker Street close to Brighton Open Market.

Bonsai Plant Kitchen has also placed in the Best Restaurant, Best Cocktail, Best Team and Best International Cuisine categories.

Second place

Brighton’s favourite vegan pub The Roundhill is a haven for lovers of plant-based eating. Located in a quiet location between Fiveways and The Level, The Roundhill is known for its fresh, innovative dishes inspired by favourite flavours from around the world. While everything on the menu is 100% plant-based, you can enjoy American-style BBQ classics like fried chicken, ribs and burgers which make use of delicious meat-free alternatives. Other dishes are inspired by the cuisines of Korea, India, Italy or Spain for example to create mouth watering plates of vegan food. The friendly, relaxed, inclusive atmosphere makes The Roundhill a lovely place to enjoy great vegan food and locally sourced alcohol. 

The Roundhill has also placed in the Best Roast and Most Sustainable categories.

Third place

With a constant eye on sustainability and ethical hospitality, Terre à Terre was the first plant-led fine dining restaurant to open in Sussex and has recently celebrated its 30th birthday. As popular as ever, Terre à Terre uses seasonal ingredients to create a menu of deliciously elevated vegetarian and vegan dishes. Seeking to delight the eye as well as the palate and deliver a full sensory experience, international flavours (particularly from Asia) are cleverly layered with ferments and umami rich ingredients to excellent effect. The fabulous vegan options on the menu make the restaurant a perennial favourite of the plant-based eating scene and a regular near the top of this BRAVO category. 

Terre à Terre has also placed in the Best Restaurant and Best Team categories. 

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