Breakfast of Champignons

My flatmate Dave and I work different hours and don’t get to hang out as often as we would like. What are the chances that we both have a late start on a Thursday? We decide to make the most of it by taking a visit to Joe’s Café for breakfast, having heard great things.

Joe’s Cafe is conveniently situated near the Seven Dials, about ten minutes’ walk from Brighton Train Station. Walking from Hove we have both worked up a big appetite. Can Joe’s deliver on the most important meal of the day?

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Warm Welcome

Turning on to Upper Hamilton Road we are greeted by the inviting blue and red exterior of Joe’s Cafe, instantly pleasing to the eye this cafe feels like a place I would like to eat. Greeted with a warm, friendly welcome, I choose to sit near the kitchen to smell the wonderful aroma of bacon wafting into the restaurant. Joe’s source local, great quality produce from nice people; no wonder they are award winning.

joe's cafe, breakfast, review, brunch, seven dials, brighton

Fantastic Selection of Breakfasts

We order tea and orange juice and sit back down to look through the menu. Dave’s tea is brought over with the soya milk served in a miniature milk bottle, just one of the many finer details that will put a smile on your face. What a fantastic selection of breakfasts, from simple scrambled eggs and smoked salmon to a variety of breakfast hashes. All delightful options to begin your day, but I only have eyes on the bigger breakfast.

Joe's Cafe, 24 Upper Hamilton Rd, Seven Dials, Brighton, breakfast

Vegetarian Options Too

I cannot refuse upgrading by adding mushrooms and fried potatoes to an already succulent sounding breakfast. I choose the brown toast, in my opinion always better than white. Dave is a vegetarian and I hope that they deliver a mouth watering option for him too. There is nothing worse, when we have the chance to have breakfast together, than limited meat-free options, thrown together with no care. I hate the side order of guilt that comes with having a great breakfast, watching Dave eat a sub-standard amateur vegetarian option beside me.

Joe’s, however, offer a great selection of vegetarian options from waffles to poached eggs and breakfasts to again, a great selection of hashes.

Dave excitedly chooses the vegan breakfast, with the added extra of crushed avocado. As meat lover I have to say it sounds amazing, finally a place we can both enjoy together!

joe's cafe, breakfast, review, brunch, seven dials, brighton

Prompt Service

We don’t have a long wait before they bring out the breakfasts. I am quickly impressed by the size of the meaty sausage and much to my delight the beans are served in a little ramekin, I just don’t like the beans touching my toast.

The sausage exceeds expectations, juicy and you can taste the quality of the pork, the crown on the plate.

The mushrooms are cooked perfectly, the fried potatoes are crisp on the outside which dipped in beans are a winning combination. The bacon is thick and superbly cooked, not dry and care is certainly taken. A massive thumbs up Joe’s, you have certainly found a new regular.

joe's cafe, breakfast, review, brunch, seven dials, brighton

Tasty Vegan Breakfast

This is the first time in my life that I am jealous of the vegan option. Dave’s breakfast looks as appetising as mine, not only does he have the pleasure of enjoying the potatoes, beans and mushrooms but he also has the addition of the crushed avocado. What a wonderful creamy alternative to a fried egg, with a couple of bits of chilli thrown in for a warming heat. This will definitely be making its way on to my fry ups at home. A couple of grilled tomatoes add a touch of colour, finishing off the hearty vegan breakfast. There is no side order of guilt this time, dare I say almost jealousy.

joe's cafe, breakfast, review, brunch, seven dials, brighton

Passion For Quality

Joe’s staff are very friendly and make you want to stay. Dan and Jane the owners have a real passion for their quality food and it shows in abundance. Couples sat around us chatting away sharing good times with great food, this is what the great British cafe is all about. In a day and age when everyone is in such a rush, it is great to find a place to relax and feel at home.

If Joe’s was a bar it would be Cheers, it really is a place where they’re always glad you came!

For me, this is up there as one of the best breakfasts in Brighton. Joe’s Cafe will put a smile face and fuel you for the day ahead. In answer to my earlier question, yes, Joe’s Cafe can deliver on the most important deal of the day, so this must make it one of Brighton’s most important restaurants.

Update – Joe’s has just won Best Cafe in Brighton for 2015 – Congratulations Joe’s!

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