The beach is this way

Brighton Food Reviewer, Lydia, February 2015

“look! that sign changes colour – that’s really cool”

Happy eaters: OhSo Social cafe-bar, Brighton
Happy eaters

It may be winter in Brighton and your heating may be turned up to MAX, but that’s no reason not to go down to the beach today.
We have all been guilty of ignoring Brighton beach especially if we are local and especially when it’s winter.

This weekend we had our two nieces (8 and 12) and nephew (5) to entertain, so we wrapped up warm and went in search of treasure. What we found was that walking along the beach is much more exciting and much hungrier work in winter.

Under the arches just down from the kissing statue you will find the ideal place to end your wintery adventure – OhSo Social.

In my head OhSo was somewhere to go for a drink, especially on a summer’s evening and I was a little surprised when Restaurants Brighton asked me if I wanted to take my nephew and nieces there. I am happy to report that by day OhSo welcomes families to its cafe-bar atmosphere.

The joy of space

Pavilion disco ball fire: OhSo Social cafe-bar, Brighton
Pavilion disco ball fire!
Rockstar bathroom: OhSo Social cafe-bar, Brighton
Rockstar bathroom

The first thing that fills you with joy is the amount of space that greets you, something which isn’t apparent from the outside and something which any family needs. If you’re the family that enters a restaurant with half the contents of their house, then don’t worry, there’ll be room for it.

“you have to see the toilet door its really weird – it looks like a disco ball on fire and it’s exploding a building”

Seaside treasure

A traditional seaside menu in trendy surroundings, it’s time for that treasure.

Fish and chips times 3

Fish and chips: OhSo Social cafe-bar, Brighton
Fish and chips

The joyful vision of steam as you break through the light and crispy batter. Served with tartar sauce and mushy peas (adult version) it is the ideal treat for young and old kids.



2 large dishes of hot and steamy mussels to warm you from the inside out; served with delicious rustic bread to enjoy mopping up the lovely cream sauce. Some foodies may disapprove of the small pieces of bacon it is served with but – it worked for me.

The relaxed and modern atmosphere combined with the warm and friendly service where kids will find the bright and cool toilet décor a must see attraction is the ideal place to retreat for a while with all the family.

There is always a bit of pressure on when on Aunty and Uncle duty. We need to entertain, spoil them a little, and send them home with some decent stories so we are allowed to take them out again.

When asked if his food was nice and if he was enjoying himself, my nephew summed it all up with a loud “Yeah!”.

Sometimes, a loud yeah says it all!

Mussels: OhSo Social cafe-bar, Brighton

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