BYO cup just got rewarding!

There’s lots we can do to help reduce our waste output, an easy one is to swap our takeaway coffee cups for a reusable travel cup. To prove that no good deed goes unpunished here’s our discount coffee Brighton & Hove list, bring your own cup and walk out with savings – that’s two things to feel good about.

Most disposable coffee cups do not get recycled and whilst compostable cups are a great idea, they must go into a commercial composting system to complete their lifecycle. Reusable cups reduce the carbon footprint of production and minimise landfill contribution.

1st place
Like the idea but don't have your own cup? Start with Starfish and Coffee! Buy your cup from them and they'll fill it for free. After that you get 20p off every time you re-fill, perfect for your morning dog walk in Queen's Park.
2nd place
Family friendly and well placed on York Place, Moksha is perfect to grab one to go, with the family in tow. Get a lovely 30p off when you bring your own cup, and help ensure your kids inherit a healthier planet.
3rd place
As BRAVO 2018 winner of Best Tea and Cake, Flour Pot's five lovely shops are clearly places you like to stay and indulge. But if you're only passing through score a 5% discount with your own cup.
4th place
Big on ethically and sustainably sourced coffee, Trading Post roast their own beans under the watchful eye of their second generation Master Roaster. This perfectly roasted cup will be 10p cheaper to take away if you come eco-ready.
5th place
With much power comes much responsibility and these BRAVO Best Coffee Winners aren't shirking from theirs. Get 20p off when you BYO or return your cup and they'll recycle if for you (because coffee cups can't go in normal recycling)
6th place
Everyone loves the seaside, but sadly it's a point at which a lot of refuse finds its way into the ocean. So pack your cup as well as your bucket and spade and grab your 10p saving to boot.
7th place
Roasting in Kemptown since 2000 and heralded internationally for it's excellent roast. Save 20p on your favourite fix in your own cup and walk away happy.
8th place
HISBE (How It Should Be) on York Place is a pioneer in minimising waste. Not a coffee shop (but a shop that sells coffee). Be more like HISBE and get a massive 50p off with your own cup. Photo credit: HISBE Facebook
9th place
Pioneers in waste free hospitality, Silo has pushed the boundaries of what a restaurant can achieve with its food and its ethics. Enjoy a 10% discount when you take it away your own way.
10th place
Another seaside favourite for water babies of all ages. Lucky beach are helping you help the seas with a 20p saving on BYO cup coffee
11th place
The cafe arm of the vegan-vegetarian-organic co-operative, Infinity Foods, takes waste reduction one step further. Bring your own cup for a drink and/ or food container for a takeaway meal and get 10% off your bill.
12th place
No coffee here but lots of great teas and matcha. They also sell a range of ecoffee cups, buy one and they'll fill it for free. Take in your own cup for a drink on the go or container to buy loose-leaf teas to brew at home and get a 10% discount too. Photo credit: Bluebird Tea Co. Facebook
13th place
As BRAVO 2018's Most Brighton Venue, these guys have some green credentials to uphold. They keep it simple, you supply the cup, they'll fill it with your choice of coffee for £2
14th place
With five bakeries dotted over the city, each with its own open kitchen, a dip into a Real Patisserie can be hard to resist. But even if your willpower is fading, if your cup's in your bag you'll make a 10p saving. Photo credit: Real Patisserie