Terre à Terre Restaurant – veggie food but not as you know it

The brains behind one of the UK’s most innovative vegetarian restaurants, Amanda Powley and Philip Taylor, have been setting taste buds alight for more than a quarter of a century. Launched in the Lanes back in 1993, Terre à Terre Restaurant has been pushing boundaries winning awards and converting carnivores ever since. Terre à Terre is also still privately owned and has been managed by the same chef-owners for 26 years, building a brand that you can honestly trust.

A veggie restaurant but not as you know it, here a just a few of the reasons why we love Terre à Terre Restaurant.

To say the food is ‘innovative’ would be an understatement. No other restaurant puts this level of creativity into cooking veg and, from your first forkful to your last spoonful, your taste buds will be doing tricks. From ‘Aubergine Dengakus’ to ‘Umami Bombs’ it’s unfathomable how they manage to pack so much flavour and texture into each and every plate.

Take a quick glimpse at the pudding menu, and it’s obvious that Terre à Terre’s genius doesn’t stop at savouries. Equally as imaginative, their desserts range from figgy pudding with nutmeg noggin, to blackberry macaroon with shockingly delicious sweet beet ice parfait. If you’re a fan of sweet stuff, you’ve got to try their ‘Terre à Tier’ afternoon tea.

The Terre à Tapas sharing plate is the restaurant’s rite of passage. Served in multiples of two, this mini banquet showcases the most daring and delicious flavours from around the menu. Every Terre à Terre newbie should indulge.

Perched on the edge of the The Lanes in historic East Street, it’s perfectly positioned between shopping, sightseeing and the seafront. You could drop by before strolling along the beach or exploring the Royal Pavilion; enjoy afternoon tea after a day of shopping; or indulge in a three-course evening meal with organic wine and seasonal cocktails from the first totally organic vegetarian, vegan and biodynamic wine list with over fifty carefully selected wines.

It’s no surprise that Terre à Terre has been winning awards since it opened. Terre A Terre
Features steadily in all the nationals and has an international following. Over the years, it’s claimed everything from the city’s best Plant Champion in the 2018 Brighton Restaurant Awards to Best Restaurant in Brighton and Best Venue For Family Dining in the Brighton and Hove Food & Drink Awards. Terre à Terre also consistently holds its place in the Michelin Guide / AA Guide since 1994.

Asian style buns at Terre à Terre

Originally ethical

Way before ‘zero waste’ and ‘buying local’ were buzzwords, Terre à Terre was recycling, reusing and going out of their way to give back more than they take. One of Brighton’s original ethical restaurants, Terre à Terre is a real community player and has been runner-up in the Observer’s ‘Best Ethical Restaurant in the South’ award, six years running.

It’s rare for a vegetarian restaurant to wow carnivores as much plant-lovers but, with its ground-breaking cuisine, Terre à Terre manages to swing it. Proud to attract a high proportion of non-veggies, it also caters for a variety of different dietary requirements. Even kids can enjoy a proper Terre à Terre experience, with the likes of Sticky Hoisin Sesame Tofu and Smokey Scrunch Chips. Terre à Terre also boasts an in house and online shop, where you can pick up things such as veggie hampers, alcohol and jams!

Terre à Terre is very proud to have been a part of some high flying chefs culinary journeys! The Fat Duck, The French Laundry and The Ledbury are just a few of the places that Terre à Terre chefs have gone onto work, as well as some local favourites, The Flour Pot Barkery and Fourth and Church. Now running the show is chef David Marrow and rumour has it he is up to exciting things too…

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