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64 Degrees Brighton

64 Degrees | By Michael Bremner

64 Degrees Brighton is the first restaurant from The Great British Menu winner, Michael Bremner.

Situated in the historic Lanes this small Brighton restaurant has an open kitchen where you can watch the talented team create your meal.

Celebrating 10 years in 2023.

Celebrating its milestone 10th anniversary in 2023, 64 Degrees Brighton has solidified itself as a culinary institution within Brighton’s vibrant restaurant scene. Founded by the visionary Michael Bremner, a Scottish chef with an exceptional knack for creating innovative dishes, 64 Degrees has journeyed from its inception to becoming a culinary icon.

Over the past decade, 64 Degrees Brighton has garnered an impressive array of accomplishments. It has earned rave reviews from prestigious national publications and broadsheets, solidifying its place as a destination restaurant known for pushing culinary boundaries. With appearances on television programs, the restaurant has further elevated its profile, drawing attention from across the country.

Small Plate Dining, 64 Degrees Brighton

64 Degrees Brighton has always been at the forefront of culinary innovation, and as it enters its 10th year, it returns to its roots by embracing small plates dining once again. This social dining concept allows patrons to immerse themselves in an interactive culinary experience, watching the talented chefs craft each dish with precision and flair. The restaurant’s bustling ambiance further adds to the immersive dining experience, creating an atmosphere that is as energetic as it is inviting.

Brighton's Best Restaurants, 64 Degrees Brighton

The culinary journey at 64 Degrees Brighton is a testament to Michael Bremner’s unwavering dedication to his craft and his commitment to offering diners an exceptional dining adventure. As it enters its second decade, 64 Degrees continues to stand as a beacon of creativity and excellence in Brighton’s culinary landscape, inviting both loyal patrons and new visitors to partake in a gastronomic journey that is as thrilling as it is delicious.



  1. David

    Always stunning food, great vibe and a wonderful team… love it!

  2. malcolm

    Have only just remembered to write a review on this restaurant as we eat here sometime ago. I had friends who had eaten here before and they said we had to eat at the pass because they had an excellent experience. So I booked well in advance as this place is impossible to book for a table at the weekend due to it’s popularity. At the time my wife was on a strange diet called FODMAP so this meant she could not eat certain foods. I put this down when we reversed our table online and listed the foods she could not eat. When we arrived the chef personally spoke to my wife at the pass to let her know what he was going to prepare for her, this was very well received by my wife.
    All in all really good quality food and it was great chatting with the chefs and watching them prepare our food.

  3. Caroline

    Sat at the pass and watched the chefs work their magic – the dishes were all balanced, tasty and innovative! Love this small venue vibe!

  4. Tom

    A must try if in Brighton. Outstanding food that is a cut above most other restaurants in the city. Inventive and exciting, and very very cool. There is a reason it consistently gets voted as Brighton’s #1 restaurant every year.

  5. Angela Simmonds

    5 out of 5 and the best food in Brighton by far! Went with four guests and we tried their whole menu. Affordable price point. Well done 64 Degrees!

  6. Teresa Edmonds

    Best restaurant in Brighton! Gummy bears are always a perfect way to end a meal

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