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Sunday Roast at the Farm Tavern

A sunny Sunday roast at The Farm Tavern

The Farm Tavern in Hove is a hidden gem just off the main strip on Farm Road. As the sister pub to The Geese, which has won the Best Sunday Roast in the BRAVOs three times (2019, 2022, and 2023), we had high expectations. So last Sunday, we decided to check out their Sunday roast, and – oh boy – were we impressed! 

exterior shot of the Farm Tavern in Hove. People greeting each other in front seating area.

So much energy in Brighton

Brighton is the place to be right now! There’s so much excitement in the air, especially with the Brighton Fringe, The Great Escape, and the Eurovision Finals (which aired the night before our visit). And you could definitely feel the energy at The Farm Tavern that afternoon. The atmosphere was buzzing with a friendly crowd and a great playlist that set the mood perfectly. We were lucky enough to get a table outside on the sunny Sunday afternoon, finding an ideal spot to bask in the warm weather and good vibes. 

Farm Tavern sign.

A heavenly Virgin Mary

My partner, Dan, opted for a pint of the delicious Sussex Best Bitter. As a huge fan of a Virgin Mary, I couldn’t resist ordering one. To be honest, I already knew what I wanted before we’d even arrived and let me tell you, the Farm Tavern Virgin Mary did not disappoint! It was perfectly spiced with just the right amount of kick, and the rim of the glass was seasoned with sea salt and chilli flakes; a delightful touch.

Virgin Mary at The Farm Tavern. Roast at the Farm

They added a celery stick, cornichon, and silverskin onion – making it much like a tasty appetiser all on its own. And, if you’re feeling hungry, you can even choose to add some extra delicious garnishes like a pickled egg or a beer stick. A beer stick, we discovered, is a tasty pepperoni-style sausage. The Farm Tavern definitely knows how to elevate a classic cocktail into a gastronomic experience.

Sunday roast galore

After taking our time to peruse the menu, I finally decided on the nut roast, and Dan, torn between the beef or chicken, settled on the chicken. We couldn’t help eyeing up the piggies in blankets or the cauliflower cheese sides. However, we had a feeling that the portions would be hearty enough. I was particularly curious about what trimmings would come with our meals, and we were both really impressed when the dishes arrived.

over head shot of the two delicious looking sunday roast

The nut roast and chicken each sat atop a bed of smooth and velvety celeriac puree, alongside heaps of crispy roast potatoes. A generous serving of spiced red cabbage added a lovely pop of colour to the plate. The stuffing balls were a tasty addition, with a meaty one to go with the chicken and a veggie one for the nut roast. Garlicky greens, provided a flavourful contrast to the rich and savoury components of the meal. To top it all off, there was an ample serving of rich gravy, and a giant Yorkshire pudding that tied everything together perfectly. What a treat!

Portions for a king

Wow, I have to admit that I was defeated by the generosity of the Farm Tavern’s excellent roast. Dan, on the other hand, demolished his plate like a true champ! We both left the pub feeling completely satisfied and ready to walk off our lovely lunch with a leisurely stroll along the seafront. 

delicious roast served in white and pink plate on the wooden table.

It was evident that The Farm Tavern is a seriously popular spot for Sunday lunch. There was already a lively crowd gathered when we arrived. In fact, the place was so packed that walk-ins couldn’t be accommodated. So, if you’re planning on indulging in their delicious Sunday roasts, make sure to book a table in advance to avoid any disappointment. 

Coming back to sample the wine

I’m definitely planning to revisit this charming pub. I have my eye on their Charcuterie Boards which are served the rest of the week. I’m sure they would pair perfectly with a lovely glass of Malbec. Maybe I’ll find myself in the area sometime soon, and just happen to stop in…

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