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Wine pouring at L'Atelier Du Vin

So long 2021!

Celebrate Brighton New Years Eve in style. From secret cocktail bars, to spectacular meals. Brighton’s best pubs to sit down dinners.

Veggie dish at GB1 at The Grand Hotel Brighton

Sustainable Restaurants Brighton

Sustainable Restaurants Brighton During the lockdown period, we all became aware and directly affected by the result of man’s excessive

Kindling ElderBerries
Jude Money

Foraging Wild Foods

Wild Food By Season In Britain, we are lucky enough to have four incredible seasons. Each unique to itself, and

Rhys Trussler

Never Normal Brighton

Never Normal Brighton The media tells us that all we have to look forward to is the new normal. Brighton

Moshimo Shoji Experience
Ellie Dillon

The Shoji experience at MOSHIMO

The Shoji experience at MOSHIMO Moshimo is one of the city’s largest and longest-running independent restaurants. They also have a

Ellie Dillon

Super Simple Homemade Houmous

Super Simple Homemade Houmous The youngest member of the Restaurants Brighton team shows us this super simple recipe for homemade

Steak dish with fries, sides and dips served on white dishes and a black table with a glass of red wine.
Ellie Dillon

Baqueano’s Chimichurri Recipe

Baqueano’s Chimichurri Recipe Baqueano opened in 2019 and we were instantly at the mercy of their charms. With husband and

Charred corn on the cob with coconut dip

Food Trends 2020

Food trends 2020 This year’s biggest food trends hone-in on health and sustainability. We’re becoming ever-conscious of the impact our