Brighton New Year’s Eve

As the year approaches the finish line it’s time to consider how you will mark the occasion? For some, it’ll be a night of revelry and frivolous fun, while others may opt for a takeaway to be enjoyed at home with a loved one.

It’s time to say goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022. So, here is our guide to celebrating New Year’s Eve in Brighton. 

Being all about the food scene we are exceptionally excited about these set and special menus that have been curated especially for New Year’s Eve. From long luxurious tasting menus that’ll send your taste buds into new dimensions of culinary delight and sharing platters to split with friends and family, while corks are popped and fizz flows freely. We’ve listed some of the most tantalizing New Year’s Eve menus in town, here. 

Don your sparkles for it’s New Year’s Eve and there are cocktails to be devoured and dance floors to dominate. If your idea of the perfect New Year’s Eve is going big or going home, then our list of bars and cocktail bars will be a great place to get the party started. Then head to our events page where you can find who’s got the tunes.

New Year’s Eve isn’t all about partying, perhaps you wish to be entertained (rather than entertaining the rest of the dance floor with your version of the ‘Macarena’ up to midnight) our events page lists the other bits of razzle-dazzle and New Year’s Eve worthy ents that are hip and happening around Brighton.

We say that staying in with a good bottle of vino (or beer if that’s your preferred tipple), ordering your favourite takeaway and sticking on a box set, is also a very respectable option for your New Year’s Evening. If you do wish to stay cosy indoors then we have guides for both food and booze that you can grab to go or have delivered to your home.

For those of you that need more than a beer jacket to survive the Great British winter evenings, heading to a pub with a hot roaring fire could be just the ticket to ensuring you a great New Year’s Eve with friends and one where you don’t end up with frostbite. Have a look through our pick of pubs with fires and see if any take you fancy