Meet Brighton Food Reviewer, Isabella Cipirska

Brighton reviewer, IsabellaGrowing up with Polish grandparents I was always kept well stuffed with hearty food: meaty stews, potatoes and my favourite- beetroot soup. It’s probably to this I owe my enormous appetite, which never fails to surprise people. My interest in food is linked to my love of travelling- I don’t believe you can really know another culture until you’ve eaten its food.

Living in Argentina for a year, I developed such a lasting love for rare steak drowned in chimichurri, croissant-like medialunas for breakfast and desserts bursting with caramel dulce de leche that I almost forgot about vegetables altogether.

Travelling all over South America cemented my passion for fresh seafood, from tasting king crab in the southern tip of Patagonia, piranhas from the Amazon, to fresh lobster in mango sauce on a Caribbean island.

Now, recently arrived in Brighton to study journalism, I can’t wait to explore the culinary treats the city has to offer and continue my food adventures.

Which is your favourite food dish or genre of cuisine and why? 

It’s tough to pick a favourite, but I was really surprised and impressed with Peruvian cuisine. Ceviche rapidly became my instant favourite go-to meal, as nothing beats the fresh raw fish marinated in lime-juice, not too sour and not too salty, served with sweet potato, crunchy corn cornels and as much chilli as you fancy on a hot sunny day- especially when combined with a Pisco sour cocktail. I tried more strange and wonderful fruit than I could ever have thought existed- many whose names have no English translation.

I loved eating food made from such fresh ingredients and the interesting ways spice and herbs were balanced.

Peruvian cerviche

What areas are of great importance to you when you visit a restaurant?  

Obviously the quality of the food is important, but going out to a restaurant is an experience I really look forward to and so the personality of a place is very important to me. I love character and a great atmosphere- whether I’m at an elegant candle lit table for two in a swanky restaurant or in a bright, brash, loud and lively café.

Riddle and Finns, Meeting House Lane, Seafood Restaurant, Brighton

Which is your favourite restaurant in Brighton, Hove or Sussex and why?

My favourite place so far is Japanese restaurant Moshimo in Bartholomew Square. The handmade food is fresh, beautifully presented and I always end up trying something new. I love the design of the interior, which feels modern and sleek, and the unusual exterior- which resembles a floating lantern. Chefs prepare food in the centre of the room, so it’s great to have a chat with them and ask any questions about dishes. The restaurant is always busy, a real testament to its popularity. All their fish is sustainably sourced, too!

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