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Meet Kitty Perrin

When I was five years old we went on a family holiday to Sardinia. One night we decided to eat out in a local fish restaurant. A waiter brought round a trolley of freshly caught fish and I pointed out the one I wanted. It was only when the bill came and I saw my parents slightly alarmed expressions that we discovered this particular fish cost £60 – more than anything else on the menu!) Having been unable to taste any real difference between this fish and the ones mum cooked from the freezer, I made up my mind to try to appreciate my meals more, sparking my lifelong interest in food.


Which is your favourite restaurant in Brighton, Hove or Sussex and why? La Choza, Mexican, Brighton

Growing up, I have always loved the slightly eccentric side to Brighton-evident in both my choice of fashion and friends. When I first discovered the Mexican street food restaurant La Choza I was instantly drawn in by its vibrant colours, flamboyant prints and creative (and strange) wall hangings. Well that and the food of course! With nachos that always come piled high, Burritos that you can barely get your mouth around and quesadillas oozing melted cheese I always leave full and happy. I also love the fact that it is very cheap!

Which is your favourite food dish or genre of cuisine and why?

Archipelagos, Greek Restaurant, HoveGreek cuisine has always been a particular favorite of mine, partly because of our our many family holidays on Greek islands, where we spent the majority of our days sat lazily in traditional Greek restaurants by the sea. While we waited for our food to come my sister and I would run down to the sea and swim, until mum’s call indicating the arrival of spinach and feta pies, Greek salads and best of all, moussaka! All served with a smile by Greek waiters who used to carry my little brother round the restaurants on their shoulders before offering my sister and I complimentary baklava and little pistachio chocolates filled with liquids that had mum raising an eyebrow.

What areas are of great importance to you when you visit a restaurant?

As my teachers are frequently informing me, I am a chatterbox; so friendly staff are important. I also sing and play guitar at various venues around the city and beyond so good music in bars and cafes is one of the things that draws me to particular places. It all adds to the general atmosphere of a place, plus of course good food and, because I’m a student, good value. I can’t afford any more sixty-pound fish!

Jamie's Italian Restaurant, Brighton