Redroaster, where it’s okay to have a pudding after brunch

It’s the first day of the summer holidays and I can’t wait to head to the beach and soak up some sunshine. The only issue being that it has consistently rained for approximately 12 hours. Thankfully, there is a saving grace. Ross is working today so I have been asked to review the recently renovated Redroaster, with food prepared by the team of Matt Gillan.

Inside Redroaster, brunch review

Proud of their local & seasonal produce

By day, you can enjoy a choice between some creative and exciting brunch and lunch options. By night, you can experience a six or eight course taster menu from the innovative Pike and Pine, proud of their local and seasonal produce.

Chef Matt Gillan, Pike & Pine, Brighton Restaurant, Kemptown

Stone’s throw from the pier

Redroaster is situated at the bottom of St. James’ street which is a stone’s throw from Brighton pier (I would not recommend testing this as it is an area of hustle and bustle and it won’t end well). I have not been to this well loved cafe for many years and can’t help but let out a slight ‘ooh’ as I walk into the light, modern and freshly renovated Redroaster. It has a welcoming and relaxed feel; the perfect venue to enjoy a brunch.

Pike & Pine, Kemptown, Fine Dining, Brighton Restaurant

No normal brunch menu

We are greeted by a smiling waitress and shown to our banquet seat. This is no normal brunch menu. Each dish has been carefully considered, offering a marriage of deliciously interesting ingredients. Options include a lobster bao steamed bun served with mango, spiced red pesto and breakfast radish, or a shakshuka spiced tomato sauce, montreux sausage, fregola, feta, black olives and organic eggs.

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Torn between choice

The waitress strongly recommends her favourite; local crab and seafood brioche topped with avocado, green chilli, yuzu curd and puffed pumpkin seeds. I am torn between this and the eggs benedict which is served with pork shoulder, cider glaze, bacon and hazelnut dressing. I choose the brioche, knowing I will be back to try the eggs benedict. Nat chooses the baked cauliflower with hummus, aubergine caviar, flat bread, green chilli and hazelnut dressing.

Red Roaster Coffee, Brighton Cafe, Brunch, Kemptown

Beautifully designed dishes

When our brunch is served I let out another inappropriate and unexpected ‘ooh’ as the brunches are so beautifully designed. My plate is bursting with colour from the thinly sliced avocado, sundried tomatoes and edible flowers.

brunch review, Red Roaster, Kemptown, cafe, Brighton

Nat’s wonderfully char grilled pieces of cauliflower are carefully positioned on top of a warm flatbread smothered in homemade hummus. 

Japanese superfood

My dish offers a fantastic variety of textures from the crunch of the brioche to the smoothness of the avocado. The crab and shellfish mayonnaise is delicious and is paired beautifully with the yuzu curd. For those of you like myself who have never heard of yuzu before, it is a Japanese citrus fruit and is considered to be a versatile superfood. The thin slices of green chilli compliment the dish perfectly; the crunchy, vibrant slices offer a freshness and a touch of mild heat.

edible flowers, ingredients, brunch review, Kemptown, Brighton, Red Roaster

Happy with choices

Nat is looking very happy with her choice. The char on the cauliflower adds a real smokiness. This is paired well with the warm flat bread, unmistakably homemade hummus and crunch of the hazelnut dressing. Accompanying this delicious combination is an unassuming, perfectly poached egg.

brunch review, cauliflower, Kemptown, Red Roaster, Brighton, cafe

Pudding after brunch?!

Although we feel full and content, I can’t help but notice the pudding selection. I realise that pudding after brunch is not entirely conventional but I’m in a ‘first day of the holidays I can have pudding after brunch if I want to’ kind of mood.

We order pudding accompanied by a dairy free iced latte made with coconut milk and a refreshing elderflower soda. When the drinks and puddings arrive, the presentation of the puddings (and the elderflower soda) is absolutely perfect.

brunch review, coffee, drinks, Red Roaster, cafe, Brighton, Kemptown

The sweet spiced churros are crunchy on the outside and wonderfully fluffy in the centre. Dipped in the whipped banana and salted caramel sauce, these churros are the best I have ever eaten.

brunch review, Red Roaster, cafe, Kemptown, Brighton, churros, dessert

We also decide to share the caramel waffle which sits proudly beneath a colourful arrangement of strawberries, brownie pieces and popcorn. The brownie is deliciously gooey with a crispy top and the passion fruit seeds offer a refreshing zing.

brunch review, strawberry popcorn dessert, cafe, Red Roaster, Brighton

If you are in the market for an innovative, colourful, fresh and delicious brunch (aren’t we all) then Redroaster is the place for you. Since all dishes can be made vegan or gluten free, I can guarantee there will be a choice on the menu for you. I am already planning my return visit.

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