Dining Among The Gods

A rooftop terrace provides a high altar for sun worshippers to venerate the anciently celebrated elixir of summer outdoor dining. Differing from street-side dining or beer gardens, the rooftop elevates us, providing a sense of freedom from the every day and view the world as if through the eyes of the Gods.

With space in Brighton and Hove at a premium, we take a look at those innovative Pubs, cafes and bar that have turned their gaze to the heavens.

The Mesmerist in the Lanes has drawn many into its captivating spell, a thrall that is compelled by its weirdly wonderful roof terrace. The colourful clientele and staff that populate this artsy music venue create an eccentric oasis amidst the astroturf and pot plants raised up high in the Lanes.

Opening in the summer of 2020, Socialite Brighton is a stylish hangout for those who like life a little on the decadent side. The rooftop terrace is a well sheltered sun trap, with luxurious couches and low tables perfect for relaxing in and maybe a little posing for an undeniably Instagrammable moment. There’s a roof terrace menu of nibbles, perfect for sharing with something from their extensive and quality wine list or classic, expertly prepared, cocktails.

For that summer society garden party feel, head up stairs to the terrace at Bohemia. Open in the day for breakfast, afternoon tea, and lunch, through into the night for drinking and shmoozing. The Veuve Cliquot glass walls and giant sun umbrellas will shield you from the elements, and the paparazzi, should you be feeling a bit celebutante.

Trading Post is known around town for its prime locations, unbeatable baking and hands down delicious, home-roasted coffee. Their Kensington Garden’s venue also offers a banning selection of all-day brunches and other tasty dishes. In addition to roadside dining, they can elevate their guest to lofty heights with their rooftop terrace. Spacious, with ample seating and offers panoramic views of Brighton North Laines. Fancy sipping on chardonnay, tucking into an Eggs benedict, whilst you snoop down at the hustle and bustle of the marketa place below? Thought so!

Technically The Setting Sun doesn’t have a roof terrace, but its position raised high on the bank of Hanover gives it a spectacular skyline view. The west-facing vista gives it arguably the best views over the rooftops of Brighton sweeping down to the sea, perfect for poetic contemplation in the dying embers of the day.