Vegan takeaway Brighton

The rise in the popularity of veganism is showing no signs of stopping, as more people reduce or cut out meat or fish for health, ethics or the environment (or all three). For the best vegan takeaway Brighton has to offer, check these Instagram posts out.

Majahma brings the vibrant and diverse flavours of South Asian regional cuisine right to your door. They deliver delicious meals in beautiful reusable tiffin-tins, using only natural ingredients. With a rotating weekly set menu, Majahma takes your taste buds on a culinary journey from Mumbai to Mysore, Kerala to Kashmir, offering a unique blend of home kitchen-inspired and celebratory dishes that you might not find elsewhere. Experience the rich and authentic tastes of South Asia with Majahma’s culinary creations.

Moshimo is one of Brighton’s longest-running restaurants and a pioneer of veganism, having launched its Great Moshimo Vegan Challenge eleven years ago, to highlight the dangers of overfishing; it’s now a major feature in the Brighton foodie calendar. Their vegan sushi boats are a wonder to behold, with vegan salmon and tuna nigiri so convincing they’re constantly having to reassure customers that it is all plant. Order via Deliveroo, Uber Eats or click and collect.


Missing the sunshine after a year indoors? Well if you can’t go to the Mediterranean let it come to you! Nostos in Hove is a modern Greek restaurant serving a mix of classic and contemporary Greek cuisine. There are plenty of vegan options on the menu. This vegan moussaka with lentils and roasted peppers is packed full of the famed health-giving benefits of a Mediterranean diet, as well as the sunny feel-good factor of delicious food. Available on Deliveroo, UberEats or phone in your order and collect direct.

Placing top-three in the Brighton Restaurant Awards Good To Go category for 2020, Curry Leaf Cafe remain a staple go-to for Veganuary. Add tasty craft beer (the perfect accompaniment to Indian cuisine) and know that 10% of sales goes to feeding NHS Keyworkers, for a double helping of feel good.


Winer of Brighton Restaurant Awards 2020 Plant Champions category, we’re proud to be the city that homed the world’s first 100% vegan pizzeria, and judging by the size of their IG following we’re not the only ones. Available for click and collect and on Deliveroo

Winner of the BRAVO Good to Go award for 2020, you might think Lost Boys Chicken is all about, well, the chicken. But if you’re sharing on delivery costs and on lockdown in a mixed house of meat and plant eaters, no one will lose out on an order from these guys. Vegan options are a jackfruit bean burger, vegan nuggets, chips and vegan slaw. And the best thing about home delivery is you can get properly dirty with these framed saucy bad-boys.


Planet India has been a keen favourite Brighton Indian Restaurant for its mix of quirky, feel-good atmosphere and homemade, pure vegetarian, Indian food. During the lockdown, they have upped their offering from collection only to delivery within a two-mile radius of BN1 and have put together a special, very affordable Coronavirus Curry Special, just £8.50 for a curry and rice. Many dishes are vegan, others can be made so. Serving Tuesday to Saturday from 5 – 9.30 pm, you can see the menu and order here.


Returning to the Honest Burger menu with the solem promise that it’s here to stay the Plant Burger with vegan patty and This Isn’t Bacon is a reformed carnivore’s dream. The towering burger is packed with vegan smoked gouda, shoestring fries, plant-based bacon ketchup, chipotle mayo, spinach and pickles and served with homemade rosemary chips. Order via Deliveroo, UberEats of click and collect direct. 


This Vegan Sausage Naan Roll kit is a super brunch or anytime treat, either for yourself, or as a gift. It comes with everything you need to create this much loved dish at home, and easy to follow instructions and needing just a few humble pieces of kitchen equipment to pull together. In no time at all, you’ll be serving a fresh naan filled with Dishoom’s secret recipe, super umami vegan sausages, vegan cream cheese, tomato chilli jam and a side of masala chai, or a deliciously citrusy marmalade mimosa.

There’s always something to smile about where Smorl’s is concerned. Their delicious houmous will swear you off the wallpaper paste supermarket junk for life and their falafel salad boxes or pittas arm you with healthy salads, pickles, pulses and spices and provides a different taste sensation and combination with each bite. Hooray for houmous! Get yours on Deliveroo or pick up a Smorl’s grab-and-go fridge at the Open Market.

Have you missed holidays to warmer shores, fantasised about packing it all in and escaping the country, if only you were able to? Well in place of that nice fantasy we think the next best thing is have the warmer shores come to you. Longrain Thai is a new restaurant serving modern Pan-Asian cuisine, with a menu that’s over 80% vegan. Chef, Chandra, is formerly of Food For Friends, so an expert when it comes to plant-led quality dining. Available via Deliveroo