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Another Hove pub that wants to break free of the ploughman’s is The Better Half in Hove. This quirky backstreet pub has plenty of character and plus points, and they score extra points for their cheese offering. Situated on the menu under the moniker of “The Cheesy Half” their English cheeseboard features six cheeses and sourdough bread and crackers. Not resting at this, they also offer a glass of port or Moscato to go with your cheese should that float your boat. We salute you The Better Half for making the right choice in placing your cheese on its own pedestal and not lumping it in with the desserts. Salut!

Curds and Whey can be found on the vibrant high street of Western Road, Hove. Phil Bartley, founder of The Great British Charcuterie and Steve Pineau, owner of the very successful L’Atelier du Vin have joined forces to create Cases, Curds and Whey. Whilst Steve provides the wines, Phil has brought his cheese and charcuterie expertise to the table, so you can tuck into a delicious cheese board which will be paired perfectly with a fantastic wine. When it comes to cheese there isn’t anywhere else quite like it, you can choose from a variety of 150 cheeses including blue, black bombs, cheddars, smoked, soft, hard, creamy – every cheese you can think of!

When it comes to cheese and pubs your mind instantly thinks of the traditional ploughman’s lunch, but at Hove Place they have taken things up a level. This popular bistro pub in the heart of Hove likes to do things a little bit differently. Alongside their normal Hove pub menu, Hove Place have an extensive deli menu that is bursting with cheesy goodness. The variety of cheese and charcuterie available would put most restaurants to shame, and celebrates the produce of the UK. That is thanks to their supplier being GB Charcuterie, which means you will be getting some of the best produce available on these shores. Grab a pint, peruse the list and then indulge in some glorious cheese based enjoyment.

This Brighton French restaurant is clearly going to make the most of their cheese offering. In amongst the menu of superb small plate French classics you will find the “Les Assiettes” where a gourmand charcuterie and cheese board or stand-alone fromage board can be found. Their ever-changing range of cheeses always features some classic such as Roquefort or Brie de Meaux, with some less well known varieties such as Beaufort or Fourme au Maury. No French meal would be complete without a cheese course, and Petit Pois are one of the best in Brighton for those looking to dine a la Français.

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