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a variety of ramen bowls at Bonsai Plant Kitchen. Chopsticks, bowls, colourful ingredients against the wooden table.

Indulge in the ultimate lunchtime delight at Bonsai Plant Kitchen with their Ramen Club! Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, it’s your ticket to a flavourful journey through the best ramen in Brighton. Steaming bowls filled to the brim with handmade noodles swimming in a rich miso sesame broth. with additions like scorched tomatoes, pickled shiitake magic, and zesty chili ‘pork’ mince. Perfect for busy foodies looking for a quick and satisfying meal, their ramen bowls offer unbeatable value without compromising on taste. Set menus also available each lunchtime. Bonsai have been voted best vegan restaurant in Brighton for 2 years running at the Brighton Restaurant Awards. Located next to Brighton Open market

Discover the allure of Japanese cuisine at Wabi Sabi, a relatively new restaurant in Hove. Embracing the essence of Wabi Sabi – the Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection – their menu presents a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. Prepare to be delighted by our signature dish, the Tomutsu ramen. This indulgent creation features a velvety pork broth, generously topped with succulent pork chashu, a seasoned egg, fresh spring onions, crisp beansprouts, delicate kikurage mushrooms, seaweed, bamboo shoots, and kamaboko fish cake. 

Other ramen dishes include the Shoyu Chicken Katsu Ramen and the Tomyum Prawn Ramen.