Afternoon Tea at The Creperie

On a beautiful sunny day myself and the two year old paid a visit to The Creperie for afternoon tea.The Creperie, Pancakes and Ice-cream, Afternoon Tea, Brighton

Situated at the bottom on Ship Street, a few steps from the busy seafront, it is a tall imposing building that looks across the Kings Road and out towards the Pier. With an open shop front and selection of Gelato’s behind the counter the place looks very inviting.

Having been greeted by Donna and her team, we were offered the afternoon tea menu. There is a small amount of seating on the ground floor at the rear that looks on to the open serving counter where the Crepes are prepared.

Donna suggested that we sat downstairs – being such a sunny day and knowing how nosey the two year old generally is, I wasn’t sure at first, but what a great suggestion.

The restaurant is the epitome of French cool, but also incorporates a real seaside vibe. Lots of washed white wood, striped soft furnishing and retro wall art. Red and Orange metal chairs add a pop of colour to the neutral tones of the place. There are also a couple of two seater sofas and coffee tables – perfect for people wanting a lazy afternoon.

The Creperie, Brighton, French, British, ice-cream, crepes, restaurant
Colourful and Brighton

The sofas are opposite a large wall where a black and white film is generally being projected onto, however Donna was kind enough to suggest she put a child friendly film on – and so the two year old was introduced to the joys of Madagascar!

If this wasn’t enough, Donna also had a variety of different colouring in sheets and an abundance of crayons. My afternoon was suddenly becoming very stress-free and dare I say it, relaxing!

The Creperie, Pancakes and Ice-cream, Afternoon Tea, Brighton

The afternoon tea menu itself offers you a selection of five savoury and four sweet crepes, waffles and wraps (£24.00 for two persons). For one of the savoury options I had the choice of either a Duck or Sri Lankan Curry Galette – I opted for the Duck.

We were told that if there were any dishes on the menu that wasn’t to our taste then to just let them know and they would prepare an alternative for us. We were also given the choice of tea, and so I opted for the peppermint whilst the two year old went ‘off menu’ and chose an apple juice.

When the food arrived it couldn’t have looked more appetising if it tried.

Presented on a stunning blue glass two tiered stand the colours and aromas were out of this world.The Creperie, Pancakes and Ice-cream, Afternoon Tea, Brighton

The savoury items were presented on the bottom tier, with the sweet options on top.

Having seen the top tier it was a bit of a battle to get the two year old to choose something from the savoury tier, but he eventually went for the Cheese and Chorizo Galette which went down a storm, so much so that I wasn’t even allowed to try it – high praise indeed! I decided to start with the Duck Galette and this too was delicious. Served with small cucumber chunks the duck was mixed with a hoisin sauce that was so subtle in flavour you could still taste the meat and the crepe.

The Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Rocket wrap was divine – the flavours were balanced beautifully and the rocket added a lovely crunch.

The Creperie, Pancakes and Ice-cream, Afternoon Tea, BrightonAnd the Cheddar Cheese and Caramelised onion wrap was lovely, served warm it meant that the cheese and onion melted into one forming a classic yet delicious filling. I believe the wrap had been sealed in a pan, as it was ever so slightly crispy on the outside – a great contrast to the gooey filling.

Again the Mushroom and Spinach Galette was out of this world.

The Duck, Cheese and Chorizo and Mushroom Galettes, were folded into triangles and then sealed making them easy to eat. Great for little hands who are still unsure about cutlery!

After devouring the savoury options we then turned our attention to the top tier, packed with sugary goodness.

The two year old went straight for the ‘Going Bananas with Nutella’ waffle.

A small round waffle with sliced banana and smeared in nutella – what more could a small child ask for. He devoured the whole thing without stopping to speak, and although he was in a real mess by the end, who cared, he was eating yet more food!

The ‘Strawberries and Cream’ waffle was a revelation to me.

The way the clotted cream had been warmed so it melted into the waffle, with sliced strawberries on top and a dusting of icing, it really was amazing.

The ‘Soft and Mallow with Milk Chocolate’ crepe took me back to my childhood. A traditional crepe, it was then filled with melted marshmallows and milk chocolate. Once folded a few more marshmallows are added on top. So naughty, but yet so utterly delicious! Even the two year old stopped eating his ‘Going Bananas’ waffle to taste this one.

The Creperie, Brighton, French, British, ice-cream, crepes, restaurant
Something for next time..

And then of course the traditional crepe with sugar and lemon – it was beautifully cooked. Can this classic ever be beaten – I’m not so sure.

The whole tea was beautiful – not one galette, wrap, waffle or crepe let it down, and such a clever take on a traditional afternoon tea. Being a new concept for The Creperie, on leaving Donna asked if I would have done anything differently, added any other options, but I honestly believe they have nailed this – stunning.

And so Myself and the two year old carried ourselves and our bellies the short distance across the road to the beach for a stroll where he wanted a ride on the carousel – maybe not a good idea after such a wonderful and filling afternoon tea!

Definitely one to visit again, perhaps an ice cream on the way to the beach 🙂

What Next?