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Discover who won the Brighton Restaurant Awards in 2023. Over six weeks of voting, you voted 56,983 times for the more than 600 restaurants, pubs and cafes registered this year. This is a record number of votes in our 6th year, and an outstanding public endorsement of the thriving hospitality industry in Brighton and Sussex. We can’t thank you enough for taking part – without you the BRAVOs simply couldn’t exist. 

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BRAVO Best Restaurant Award - Chef's head

BRAVO 2023

The city’s finest establishments epitomise the Brighton food and drink scene, in all its magnificent diversity, ingenuity and creativity. These results also capture a flavour of our local community; its commitment to great hospitality, interest in sustainability and openness to innovation. One of the biggest accolades to win at the Brighton Restaurant Awards. 

BRAVO Best Restaurants is sponsored by Uber Eats.

BRAVO 2023

Here you’ll find the best restaurants in Sussex, alongside historic homes serving lavish high teas, elegant vineyards offering fine dining and much-loved Sussex village pubs and cafes, all a short hop from the city. The Sussex Finest category celebrates the essence of Sussex – go out and enjoy these glorious BRAVO winners as soon as you possibly can.

Sussex Finest is sponsored by Great British Charcuterie.

BRAVO 2023

With many a familiar favourite, this year’s list features a selection of Brighton and Hove restaurants, cool Brighton coffee shops and charming Hove cafes. There are gastronomic adventures to be had, nurturing wholefood options, and slightly naughty bottomless brunch menus. Our wholehearted commitment to this leisurely meal is nothing short of cultural phenomenon. Brighton LOVES brunch!

Best Brunch is sponsored by Total Clean Exteriors.

BRAVO 2019 - Plant Champions - vegetables

BRAVO 2023

For years now, tasty green shoots have been appearing around the city. Here, as elsewhere, veganism, vegetarianism and flexitarianism continue to grow in popularity boosted by ethical and environmental concerns. Now veggie diners never need worry that they will miss out on exceptional, innovative food with chefs reinventing cuisine to please the modern palette. 

Plant Champions is sponsored by Restaurant Brighton.

BRAVO 2023

So much more than just great cocktails, unique ambience, flair, flavour, innovation and style, plus a fabulous playlist and talented mixologists, all play a part in this category. These BRAVO winners include dedicated cocktail bars, Brighton bars, and Brighton restaurants, all serving up delicious concoctions for your delectation. Cocktail crawl anyone?

Best Cocktails is sponsored by Mitchell & Cooper.

BRAVO 2023

Our BRAVO Best Local pubs in Brighton are scattered across the city and we think you’d be unlucky not to be within strolling distance of at least one of them at any time. But all these brilliant Brighton and Hove pubs deserve your careful consideration. We look forward to hearing all about your Best Local adventures. Includes craft beer pubs and outstanding gastro pubs in this highly sought after Brighton Restaurant Awards category. 

Best Local is sponsored by Creative Pod.

BRAVO 2023

This Top 20 list will help you navigate the perilous terrain of picky kids and hangry parents. Family friendly Brighton restaurants, Hove pubs, Brighton pubs and brilliant cafes are all found here, meeting the needs of different families, moods, ages and appetites. Let Brighton show some love to its future foodies. 

For the family is sponsored by Brighton Fringe.

BRAVO 2023

Let’s celebrate Brighton’s Top 20 teams with a big BRAVO – every one of them has made you feel comfortable and welcome while serving you with knowledge and enthusiasm. It’s the team that takes a restaurant, cafe or pub from good to great and keeps you coming back for more. 

Best Team is sponsored by Table Talk Foundation.

BRAVO 2023

Having wholly embraced European-style cafe culture, Brighton is known for being one of the most ‘hipster’ cities in the world. We can’t get enough of independent coffee shops and we spend more on coffee per capita than any other UK city. Our Top 20 Brighton Restaurant Award winners include places known for their delicious cakes, beautiful brunches, tasty lunches and friendly teams as well as their seriously good coffee… 

Best Cafe is sponsored by Dojo.

BRAVO 2023

Scattered across Brighton, Hove and Sussex, the Top 20 Best Afternoon Tea winners include cute little cafes, best restaurants, fabulous houses and hotels and a beautiful vintage bus. There are perfectly executed traditional options or creative interpretations if you fancy a change. Vegetarians and vegans are happily catered for and you can find delicious gluten-free menus too. Make your occasion super special with a glass of champagne or a cheeky Brighton cocktail to top it all off.

Best Afternoon Tea is sponsored by NETLL INC.

BRAVO 2023

Just reading the BRAVOs Top 20 Best Roast list might make your stomach ache with anticipation. You’ll find crispy, golden roasties, tasty veg, lashings of rich gravy and pitch-perfect mains at a range of Brighton and Hove pubs. Seasonal specials and locally sourced produce are lovingly prepared by great teams that honour the history and realise the importance of this weekly feast to us all.

Best Sunday Roast is sponsored by Preston Insurance Brokers.

BRAVO 2023

Now more than ever, we want to know all about our wine; where it came from, how it was made, the grapes, the terroir. Many of our Best Wine List winners champion English Wine, and much of the best of that is made right here in Sussex. And whatever your budget, these lists of wine bars and restaurants make the world of delicious wine accessible to all. 

Best Wine List is sponsored by Gusbourne Wine.

BRAVO 2023

Ask yourself – what do I feel like eating tonight? – and our BRAVO Best International Cuisine list probably has the answer with plenty of Italian restaurants, Indian, Carribean and more. Transport yourself to foreign shores, remember your favourite holiday or take yourself home à la recherche du temps perdu.

Best International Cuisine is sponsored by Visit Brighton

BRAVO 2023

Sustainable Eats showcases venues that put sustainability front and centre. In them, we see responsible sourcing, seasonality and waste reduction, met with innovation and passion. The restaurants, cafes and pubs of this category should be hugely proud of their leadership in this area, their contribution to our local sustainability picture and, more broadly, the health of the planet.

Sustainable eats is sponsored by Shrub

BRAVO 2023

Eat Well For Less venues are smart with their overheads, save on waste, source produce well and pass the savings on to you. We’re even more grateful for these brilliant foodie options given, let’s face it, rather straightened times. With this Brighton Restaurant Awards list in hand, you’ll save your pennies while you dine with pleasure.

Eat well for less is sponsored by Brighton and Hove Food Partnership

BRAVO 2023

The days of takeaway being a second tier option are long gone as you’ll see from our BRAVO Good to Go winners. Whether it’s a nutritious lunch box for a weekday desk feast, a spicy taco, a stuffed sandwich or a fabulously fresh dish from a Brighton restaurant you’re after, you need look no further.

Good to Go is sponsored by Uber Eats


Running since 2017, the BRAVOs stand for Brighton Restaurant Awards Vote Online. The awards are a democratic award, voted for by the people for the people. In 2023 56,983 votes were recorded, making it the biggest awards with 600 Brighton, Hove and Sussex venues featured. 

Burnt Orange won best restaurant, Moksha caffe won best brunch, Oeuf cafe won best cafe, Nostos won best for the family, Fourth and Church won best wine list. There were 16 2023 BRAVO winners in total in the awards sixth year.

The next BRAVO Awards commence in February 2024 when there will be 6 weeks of voting on the BRAVO website. 2024 winners across 16 categories will be announced in April 2024.

2023 best restaurant winners include Burnt Orange who have won the best restaurant category twice. Moksha caffe, The Grand Hotel, Starfish and Coffee, and The Shepherd and Dog have won a BRAVO award more than once. Here are all the winners since 2017 in the BRAVO Hall of Fame.