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Let’s hear it for the Best Team Brighton! This city prides itself on the warmth and inclusivity of its hospitality. The friendly, professional style of Brighton’s front-of-house teams attracts talent from across the globe and venues work hard to retain staff. Many hospitality people see this BRAVO category as the one to win because it means you’ve noticed they’ve gone above and beyond to make sure you’ve had an unconditionally brilliant time as well as some delicious grub.

Let’s celebrate Brighton’s Top 20 Best Teams with a big BRAVO! Every one of them has made you feel comfortable and welcome whilst serving you with knowledge and enthusiasm. It may be the great food and drinks at a restaurant, cafe or pub that draws you in but it’s the team that keeps you coming back for more.

And the winner of the BRAVO for Best Team goes to – Il Bistro. Huge congratulations to the team!

First place

Il Bistro has been serving delicious dishes inspired by the flavours of the Mediterranean coast since 1976. Wonderfully friendly and family-run, Il Bistro has won the BRAVO for Best Team in 2024 with a warm, Mediterranean welcome to match their cuisine. One of the first places in Sussex to serve French and Italian delicacies like fresh pasta, arancini, tiramisu and negronis, the restaurant is committed to showcasing fresh ingredients from local suppliers. Great food and a great team has won the loyalty from generations of happy Brighton diners.

Il Bistro has also placed in the Best Restaurant and Best International Cuisine categories.

Second place

Permit Room has been brought to the city by legendary Dishoom and is undoubtedly one of the most exciting openings of the past year. The passionate, energetic team reflects the vibe. Walk in the door and you’re welcomed by a friendly, professional front-of-house and taken to your table where knowledgeable staff are on hand to take you through the delicious menu of flavour-packed Indian dishes. You may well be tempted by the excellent cocktails which riff on the colourful history of drinking in Bombay with spice-infused highballs, twisted classics, short and boozy tumblers and frozen lipsters. The decor is eclectic and glamorous. New to Brighton, new to the BRAVOS, Permit Room is very very welcome. 

Permit Room has also placed in the Best Cocktails, Best International Cuisine and Best Takeaway categories.

Third place

Jo & Co Hove is more than just incredible food and fabulous cocktails, their genuine, friendly, welcoming team is what makes a great dining experience exceptional! Jo & Co’s owners are a dynamic duo who are always ready to jump in and do whatever it takes to help their wonderful waitstaff succeed with style. The Jo & Co kitchen crew is some of the hardest working in town, consistently hitting new highs while maintaining exceptional quality every day. Jo & Co’s menu is inspired by the owner’s travels to Australia and New Zealand where they found some of the best and most welcoming brunch cafes in the world. BRAVO for bringing that amazing vibe back to Brighton!

Jo & Co has also placed in the Best Brunch category.

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