Brighton’s Best Hospitality Team

Let’s hear it for the team players! We asked you where in town has the team that serves you food and drink infused with enthusiasm? Where the staff aren’t staff, they’re family? You went out and found them, so let’s throw our arms in the air and shout hurrah for Brighton’s A-team, because now more than ever they deserve it. 

Restaurants Brighton Jobs sponsored the BRAVO 2020 award for Best Team. 

1st place

King of the hill and the venue that you have praised for housing Brighton’s best team is the sleek Japanese bar and grill Kujira. They have a reputation as being one of “the bright young things” transforming Preston Street. The team behind Kujira certainly lit a pathway to your hearts.

2nd place

Opening her restaurant was the six-decade-long ambition of 83-year-old Manju, who still runs the kitchen in her eponymously named restaurant on Trafalgar Street. Last year she found her restaurant in top three for Brighton’s Plant Champions and now the rest of the family will claim their recognition as they scoop their award for second place in the BRAVO 2020 award for Best Team.

3rd place

With a string of high win awards and a flock of devoted clientele, The Robin Hood Pub is no stranger to living at the top. Now it’s time to celebrate the dynamic dream team behind the pub’s success. Here’s to you and your triumph!

Mae and Benny Sullivan - chard restaurant
4th place


Preston Park Tavern
8th place

Preston Park Tavern

Jo and Co
9th place

Jo and Co

Cielo Cakery BRAVO TEAM
11th place

Cielo Cakery

Casa Azul BRAVO Team
14th place

Casa Azul

Cafe Domenica
16th place

Cafe Domenica