Meet Peter and Hilary Smith

Little Miss Piggies is a small independent café run by a husband and wife, Peter and Hilary Smith, and assisted by the wonderful Vicky and Laura.

Our food is plain English home cooking which presents good value for money.

Most of our food is cooked to order but does not require the services of a professional chef although Peter has experience of cooking a high volume of breakfasts daily on a train for many years on the Bristol to London route when trains had proper buffet cars and wonderful food.

Hilary brought up a large family and has vast experience of home cooking for fussy children and grandchildren.

Little Miss Piggies Café, Kemptown, Brighton, British, breakfasts, lunches


Favourite food?

As the name suggests, Little Miss Piggies specialises in pork products so we love being inventive with pork.

Our latest addition to the menu is pulled pork – extremely lean pork shredded and mixed with barbeque sauce in served in a large roll with coleslaw.

Little Miss Piggies Café, Kemptown, Brighton, British, breakfasts, lunches
The Interior of Little Miss Piggies

Did you cook when you were younger?

We both cooked when we were growing up. As baby boomers, we were children when food was sometimes hard to come by and our mothers were very clever at finding new ways of using unusual ingredients. We both have backgrounds in the financial services/IT industry but did also run a business before taking over Little Miss Piggies in March 2014.

Advice for home enthusiasts?

Our advice would be “don’t be afraid to try out your ideas. They may or may not work but each hour in the kitchen is a learning experience.” What’s the worst that can happen?

Little Miss Piggies, Kemptown, breakfast and brunch, café, Brighton

Favourite Kitchen Gadget?

Peter’s favourite kitchen gadget is a potato ricer which he uses to make the best mashed potato in the world.

Funniest Kitchen Moment?

We get massive tins of baked beans and they are notoriously hard to open. One day Peter was struggling to open one of these huge tins and it flew out of his hand and “exploded” covering him,

Vicky and the whole kitchen in orange goo. I wish we had had the foresight to video it. We are still finding odd small patches of orange on the ceiling and the odd baked bean hidden away somewhere!

What next?

See the listing for Little Miss Piggies, Kemptown (NOW CLOSED)