Where to dine for Valentine’s Day Brighton in 2019

Valentine’s day Brighton needn’t be hum-drum. As a city we’re famed for embracing the full spectrum of love, combine that with a dazzling food scene and you’ve got a chance to really shine for that special someone.

We’re constantly updating this page with all the best Valentine’s day Brighton menus and romantic ideas, so keep coming back*, you’re bound to find a match made in heaven (or Hove, actually).

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Where did Valentine’s Day originate?

Legend has it that Valentine’s Day is named after a Roman Catholic priest who was serving the Emperor Claudius in the 3rd century. When the Emperor ruled that marriage was to be illegal for all young men – believing that single men without families made better soldiers Valentine continued to marry young couples in secret defying the law. When his actions were found out he was immediately imprisoned, and whilst he was awaiting his execution he fell in love with a young girl who happened to be his jailer’s daughter. As he had no writing equipment to be able to communicate with her he is said to have written her a romantic sonnet using the ink that he squeezed from violets. Unfortunately the romance was brief and Valentine was put to death the very next day.

Wine at Rathfinny Tasting Rooms - Valentine's Day Brighton

The Vatican later canonized Valentine and he was named a saint in the eyes of the Church. In the 5th century the date of 14th February was officially announced by the Catholic Church to be Valentine’s feast day – an occasion designed to remember and honour a saint’s life.

They picked February 14 due to the ancient belief that birds began to mate on that very day each year – a nod to Valentine’s belief and faith in love and marriage.

How has Valentine’s Day changed over the years?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the western world but first became popular in England in the 17th century. By the 18th century it was commonplace to send friends and lovers small tokens of affection and handwritten notes and poems. Throughout the Victorian era printing technology became more developed and ready-made cards were used for declarations of emotion that were otherwise discouraged in society. Nowadays Valentine’s Day is openly celebrated amongst couples who often choose the 14th of February to dine out together and swap cards and presents. Many people see Valentine’s Day as a marketing ploy by the greeting card industry but as you can see – its roots can be traced back thousands of years!

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Wine being poured at Cafe Malbec