Why book your table online?

Have you ever noticed that if you visit a restaurant’s site, social media, or search for them online, you’re usually encouraged to book online at every turn? Venues rarely say, “call us,” or “drop in,” anymore. There are loads of reasons that restaurants do this, not least that it saves them time. But what’s in it for you? Why should you book a restaurant online and not just give them a call

mobile phone- book a restaurant online with ResDiary

Most of you are millennials. You guys hate talking on the phone…

Figures show that the biggest group of people booking tables fall into the bracket of “millennials.” And it’s well documented that millennials like to communicate via text, WhatsApps, and other apps. What they don’t like are phone calls. With online booking, you don’t even need to dial a number. You just go to the site, enter in your details, receive a confirmation email, and hey presto, your table is booked. No human interaction needed (until you get to the venue!)

It’s more secure

Some naughty people have started a trend of no-showing at restaurants recently. It means that many venues now ask for your card details, or a deposit, in order to take your booking. Putting your details into a secure page online is much better than wandering the Brighton Lanes, belting out your debit card details.

Laptop - book a restaurant online with ResDiary

It’s where all the good deals are

When you call up a venue, they’re pretty unlikely to say “If you come in between 3-5, we have a really lovely afternoon tea; before 6, we have a Pre-Theatre Menu and after 8pm, it’s free desserts.” The waiter picking up the phone is probably busy and will take your details and get back to serving tables. If you go onto a venue’s site, that’s where you can see all the good offers, laid out clearly, and who doesn’t love an offer or special menu?

Curry Leaf Cafe Brighton
Book The Curry Leaf Cafe online with ResDiary

Time is money

If you log into a booking site, or app like ResDiary Now, your contact details are often stored to you save time. No need to re-enter everything in, or relay the same details every time you make a booking. Once you’re logged in, your past bookings are usually saved for you to scroll through, and you can ‘favourite’ venues to help with inspiration if you’re struggling.

Beef Onglet, 64 Degrees, Brighton Restaurant
Book 64 Degrees online with ResDiary

Keep in touch with your favourites

Do you have a restaurant that you go to time and time again? A venue that constantly has exciting events? They probably have a newsletter. When you book online, you can opt into email marketing quickly and easily, making sure you know the latest news and gossip.

Looking for an easy way to make bookings online? Try the ResDiary Now app, available on Android and iOS.