Things to do – Bank Holiday Brighton

Because that blasted COVID scuppered all our May plans this August Bank Holiday feels well overdue. This is our guide to Bank Holiday Brighton, you’ve got three whole days to eat, drink and socialise (responsibly).

Use this guide to guarantee you make the most of that bonus time away from your desk or home office.

Bank Holiday Monday is the last day of the government-backed Eat Out to Help Out incentive, where you can get 50% off your food bill (excluding alcohol and tip) up to the value of £10 per person. There’s no limit to how many times you use it and you don’t have to do anything to get it, it will just be applied to your bill by participating venues. Is it a coincidence that it should fall on a bank holiday; meaning you are free for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, pre-drink nibbles, evening meals and late-night kebabs? Who knows? Who cares! We’ve all got a lot of catching up to do.

The sun is shining and outside is still the safer place to be, especially when catching up with friends. Besides we’ve all been cooped up for long enough, our guide covers Alfresco dining Brighton, Hove and Sussex for everything from sundrenched sundowners to vineyard picnics, burgers in the bustling Lanes to tucked away courtyards and gardens. Alfresco dining is so much more than defending your chips from seagulls.

With space at a premium in the city and social distancing still being in place, you may need to get inventive with where you go to drink in the sunshine. You could follow the masses to greedily guard your own meterage of beach with a few tinnies (Google search “where’s the nearest loo?”), or you could rise above the hoi polloi in style, with some rooftop drinking. Our guide to rooftop bars Brighton will have you looking down on everyone else in no time!

Sussex has a wealth of restaurants and bars that offer more space to stretch out and room to breathe. While the inevitable influx of Brighton bank holiday day-trippers is great for the city, it gives locals the chance to go exploring. Use our guide to country walks in Sussex to get in some exercise as well as a few pints in quintessential country pubs. Check out our picks of the best restaurants in Sussex including Michelin and AA awarded eateries. And visit some foodie Sussex country pubs with luscious grassy gardens and spectacular vistas.

So we’ve all used some time this year to learn how to bake bread, brush up on a foreign language, get back into running and maybe make a start on writing that book (or else binge-watched Netflix and ate directly out the fridge). But how many of us mastered our cocktail making skills? It probably wouldn’t have been wise, a trip to A&E during a pandemic due to attempting to make your own flaming tiki would probably be frowned upon. Anyway, with so many great mixologists in the city, running unique, boutique cocktail bars it would be a terrible shame to deprive them of their craft. Pull up a pew and enjoy the pyrotechnics with our guide to Brighton’s best cocktail bars.

Food pubs in Brighton are big business, forget the microwave lasagna and a pint of Stella, we’re talking micro-breweries and a star-rated cuisine. Check out our pubs by area guide to set your itinerary. We’ve also compiled this list of the best selection of pubs with gardens in Brighton, Hove and Sussex.

Brighton is a massive playground whatever your age, it’s a draw for the whole family. When it comes to eating you are also spoilt for choice, there’s a world selection of flavours all catering for small persons in Brighton. So if you’re looking to introduce the kids to fine dining, need a pit stop for a child that’s growing up green or want to take their palette on a world tour, you’ll be able to find what your looking for in our pick of the best family-friendly restaurants in Brighton and Hove

It’s been a tough year, perhaps you need to re-kindle the spark a bit? Or after several months of zoom parties, you’re ready to meet someone you’ve been eyeing up in the flesh. First impressions count so use our guide to the best romantic restaurants in Brighton to inspire Cupid’s reach for his quiver.