Healthy Home Delivery

Established Japansese restaurant Oki Nami is co-owned by renowned Japanese chef Mike Dodd and local bon vivant Norman Cook, man of big beats and big beach parties. The restaurant takes up a city central residency on New Road just along from the Theatre Royal.

Oki-Nami, Japanese restaurant, Brighton, New Road, sushi restaurant, sashimi

Despite it being late September, the evening is clement and a relaxed stroll into that part of town doesn’t seem like a bad idea; my partner and I could even stop for a drink or two on the way…but hold on, we have children to tend to, it’s been a long day at work, the kitchen’s a pickle…get a grip, we’re not going anywhere!

Easy Ordering With Deliveroo

Yet with gourmet takeaway specialists Deliveroo firmly ensconced within the fabric of the cities restaurant scene all is not lost; it means the food can come to us. All you have to do is log on to the Deliveroo website, enter your postcode to determine which restaurants are presently delivering to your area and choose the time you’d like Deliveroo to deliver. Select a restaurant (there’s always a diverse choice available) and choose your dishes. Next, settle the bill online then kick back safe in the knowledge that supper is sorted.

Oki-Nami, Japanese restaurant, Brighton, home delivery, Deliveroo, New Road

Bang On Time

By and large the restaurant menu you’d find in house features accurately on the Deliveroo version and Oki Nami is no different. I placed this evening’s order at 7pm, requesting an 8.15 delivery time; the food arrived a minute or two before; good work.

Well Presented

We ordered some Nikku Gyoza; pork and vegetable dumplings. Yaki Nikku; skewered sirloin steak. Yasai Setto; a selection of vegetarian sushi and finally a bento box of tuna and salmon sashimi. The food came well presented and intact. Obviously, no risk of heat loss where the fish is concerned and none to report with the two meat dishes.

Oki-Nami, Japanese restaurant, Brighton, home delivery, Deliveroo, New Road

Tender Sesame Sirloin

Skewered chunks of sirloin flecked with sesame seeds were tender, well seasoned and cooked to just medium, the accompanying teriyaki sauce paired well. Sweet and lightly savoury, it was certainly unctuous without over powering. Toasty looking gyoza bore a fragrant pork and vegetable filling that was as delicate as their surrounding casing. With a refreshingly tart dressing on the leaves, the dish was buoyed further by a warming sesame and chill sauce.

Oki-Nami, Japanese restaurant, Brighton, home delivery, Deliveroo, New Road

Expectations for the fish as you might expect were high and subsequently met.

Both the salmon and tuna were first class – clean and fresh flavoured. The salmon had a lustrous appearance, with a supple texture, displaying a light citrus note. The tuna delivered a fleshier body and fuller flavour yet yielded a melt in the mouth quality, it was gone all too soon.

Oki-Nami, Japanese restaurant, Brighton, home delivery, Deliveroo, New Road

Finely shredded mooli added crispness while a regular looking salad in a light fruity dressing was a pleasant surprise. Accompanying rice brought everything together. A great spread of food, we could (and maybe should) have ordered one each.

Great Vegetarian Options

The vegetarian sushi selection, while less dramatic than its Piscean counterparts was not to be out shone. Maki rolls filled with ripe avocado and earthy shitake mushrooms topped with some fiery wasabi and pickled ginger were bite sized gems. The Inari roll, comprised of fried tofu and rice retained a natural sweetness that the wasabi and ginger also cut choicely through.

Oki-Nami, Japanese restaurant, Brighton, home delivery, Deliveroo, New Road

Revitalised and Revived

This was a takeaway dinner that left us feeling revitalized and revived not bloated and pondering a gargantuan calorie count. Might sound like a rare sequence of events but as long as Oki Nami and Deliveroo are working together it doesn’t have to be.

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