Brighton, Sushi, Japanese, Brighton, New RoadSashimi Elegance at the Oki-Nami Restaurant and Cocktail Bar

Brighton Food Reviewer, Mr RB, May 2013

It was a very cold evening when we took ourselves along to Oki-Nami on New Road.

If I am honest, I don’t think Japanese food springs to mind on a cold night but as I love Sushi and Sashimi I was really looking forward to it and, thankfully Oki-Nami delivered.

When I was a youngun growing up in Brighton I remember a cocktail bar called the Blue Parrot upstairs – where the Oki-Nami cocktail bar is – but can’t for the life of me remember what used to be where Oki Nami is.

Regardless, Oki-Nami was based in Hove for 13 years before it moved to its New Road location a few years ago. The restaurant itself is bright and airy and decorated with an aesthetic one expects from a Japanese restaurant.

The staff are friendly and I particularly enjoyed the advice we got from Azita who is the wife of the chef Mike Dodd.

Japanese, Sushi restaurant, Brighton, New RoadWe started with salmon, tuna, mackerel and squid sashimi all of which was really good. Squid and mackerel aren’t usually top of my lists of sashimi desirables but I really enjoyed these.

The squid was especially tender and the mackerel was full of flavour. Thanks to Azita I now also know that the shredded radish (all that white stuff that looks like unimaginative garnish) helps with digestion.

The spicy tuna teriyaki was excellent. Fresh, spicy, delicious but note that you only get 3 skewers so, if you don’t want to play paper, scissors, rock for the last one you will need to order two plates!

Japanese, Sushi restaurant, Brighton, New RoadThe other dishes we had were Yaki Nikku and Gyu Tataki; both are beef dishes and the Gyu Tataki was a particularly light piece of seared beef fillet rolled in 7 spice which we really enjoyed.

Then there was the mixed tempura and a piece of Brill with deep fried vermicelli. The batter on the tempura was lovely and light and the dipping sauce was good enough to sip – which we did – as it is basically stock with soy sauce.

Did I mention that I haven’t been drinking recently?

I am constantly surprised at how stumped I get when it comes to ordering drinks in restaurants as it seems my cold beverages are limited to water or booze.

At Oki-nami there is certainly more choice in that department too! I had a Ramune for my first drink which tasted a bit like cream soda but involved a marble being pushed into the top of the bottle which was fun. It was a little too sweet for me to go for a second one so I switched for the ginger and ginseng. Mr RB stuck with Japanese beers.

Japanese, Sushi restaurant, Brighton, New Road

For pudding we had something called a Yuzu Posset which I really enjoyed. A yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit and a posset, for those of us who don’t know, is a pudding similar to a syllabub which is made from milk or cream and sugar.

Whatever it was I really enjoyed it; sweet, tart and creamy. Perfect.

When we got to the end of the evening we realised that we had sat there eating and chatting for over 3 hours which is always a good sign.

Our Oki-Nami advice? Go. And, if Azita is working, do as she says, she is a wise woman and knows her menu and her Japanese food.


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