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Who serves the very best coffee Brighton? As you might imagine, this brand new BRAVO category has caused quite a stir! This city is coffee mad, spending more per head than any other community in the UK (well that’s what we heard anyway!). Passionate enthusiasts are blending, roasting, tasting and making coffee round every corner – practically the only thing we’re not doing is growing the stuff – perhaps it’s only a matter of time. 

From a flat white to a cortado, a single espresso to a long black Americano, however you like yours, a cup of top-quality joe is steps away. You could indulge in a 2024 coffee crawl from one of our Top 20 Best Coffee vendors to the next? There’s no good reason not to now, is there? Enjoy…

First place

Komodo Coffee

Coffee aficionados will not be surprised that Komodo Coffee has won the BRAVO for Best Coffee in 2024. A relaxed, independent espresso and filter bar, Komodo Coffee is totally serious about its coffee, sourced from speciality roasters Kofra in Norwich. Serving consistently delicious brews, Komodo Coffee’s cosy space is located in the heart of The Lanes. Enjoy your award-winning coffee while you listen to cool tunes and indulge in one of Komodo’s seasonal in-house bakes. Just try to hold us back…

Second place

44 Poets

44 Poets in Poets Corner Hove is a local favourite for coffee lovers. The ethos is all about ethically sourcing only the best in traceable organic beans, and each and every one of those beans is roasted right here in Sussex. Skilled baristas understand the intricacies of creating balance while respecting the integrity of the coffee itself. 44 Poets also sources all of its dairy milk from Northiam Dairy Sussex raised cows; the quality is second to none. We take our love of coffee seriously down south and 44 Poets share our passion for the perfect pour, no wonder you voted it #2 Best Coffee in 2024! Foam masters!

44 Poets has also placed in the Best Coffee category.

Third place


Flatout Coffee offers more than just a great cup of joe… it’s a calm community space designed to welcome anyone and everyone who loves to share a story, have a laugh and drink some of the best coffee in Brighton. Flatout was originally designed for the motorcycle community, owned and run by avid riders, who wanted to create a comfortable space where bike lovers – young and old – could come together to chat about the joys of the open road. However, Flatout is absolutely not exclusive to bikers. It’s a place to break stereotypes, build community, enjoy great food, delicious coffee and spin a yarn. Flatout Coffee, the people have spoken loud and clear, thanking you with a big BRAVO. Congratulations!

Flatout Coffee has also placed in the Best Team and Best Cafe categories.

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Based on a public vote in the BRAVO awards in 2023 Oeuf cafe in Hove is the public choice for best cafe in Brighton and Hove. Other cafe options can be discovered here:

Brighton is a hotspot for great coffee roasters and cool coffee shops and did you know Brighton consumes the most coffee per head in the UK? Reputable coffee can be found at Redroaster, Trading Post Coffee, White Cloud Coffee and Starfish and Coffee.

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